Eiffel Tower French PowerPoint Template

Eiffel Tower French PowerPoint Template

Here is a nice happy PowerPoint template of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It features a lovely child’s drawing of the tower in a simple rustic style.

It would work great as a template to teach French to young children. You could place words into the clouds. It also features a French tricolour flag in red, white and blue, the national colours of France.

The Eiffel Tower is named after the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel, who designed it for the World Fair in 1889. It was originally designed as a temporary structure, but it was loved so much that it is still standing well over 100 years later. It is 324 metres tall – that is 1,063 feet.

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Published On: 4th Nov 2017

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  1. IT was a good presentation template. I really love this one. I ‘ve used it for my math assignment.

    seo mokwon 20 Dec at 4:33 am