Editable book cover

Editable book cover

One of my favourite templates as you can edit both book titles and add your own picture.

If you click to replace the picture, it will orientate it like in the examples.

Editable book cover inside page
inside thumbnail

inside thumbnail


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Published On: 1st Mar 2014

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  1. Cool!!!

    Elena 1 Mar at 6:34 pm
  2. thanks for the free templates. i”m a hih school principal and your site is very helpful to people like me.

    grace osano 16 Apr at 12:25 pm
  3. I pray God to increase you in knowledge. You are indisputably and utterly the best in template design, industrial and social magnanimity.
    In my own case, I plan using my templates for small businesses in order to earn a living. Thanks a lot.

    Yakubu Tyav 14 Sep at 6:37 pm
  4. Gracias por sus plantillas, sin trucos y de excelente calidad. Las usaré en clase como profesor.

    Goromo 16 May at 9:29 pm
  5. I am creating a look back at my father’s life for his 90th birthday party. I am using a PowerPoint presentation to highlight the events over 9 decades and thought since he is a book fanatic he would love a book with his name and title on it.

    Lisa Kay 11 Jun at 1:39 pm
  6. Thankyou. I have used two of your templates to make PowerPoints for an assignment. I was able to later use one of them in a presentation to my students’ parents. Thank you for such beautiful and thought-provoking templates.

    Katherine 18 Aug at 4:09 am
  7. Thank you. I downloaded and used the book template. It’s very beautiful and eye-catching. Best of all, it is very easy to use, not to mention unique. Thank you very much.

    Mandy 20 Dec at 1:09 pm