Diagonal type template

Diagonal type template

This is a striking template based on a very simple concept. Instead of having your type in horizontal alignment, why not put it at an angle?

This template could be used for a variety of purposes. It could be used for a presentation on geometry, symmetry, angles, shapes, spatial awareness, patterns, drawing or typography.

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Published On: 20th Mar 2009

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  1. add stamp effect, and it will be good for judgements

    elvandro 11 Apr at 4:00 pm
  2. I really do like the free diagonal template, but cannot get it to download. Can you give me a tip as to why? Thanks

    Harry Powell Anderson 14 Jan at 7:13 pm
  3. Trying to find a different and unique way to a quarterly sales presentation for a grocery store

    Deejaie 20 Jan at 10:44 pm
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