Creative presentation (without PowerPoint!)

Creative presentation (without PowerPoint!)

Creative presentation (without PowerPoint!)

Hi! I’m from Spain, and i ‘ve to make a presentation in the university (about an advertising agency) and i need some ideas for help me to do a creative presentation without PowerPoint. I know: it’s very useful sometimes, but aaaall guys are gonna use it and i want to be different and more “creactives”. I’ll really appreciate all your ideas, ’cause i don’t know very well how to do an exposition of 20minutes without make my teacher bored to stiff.

Lot of thanks!

Powerpoint is boring

There are many ways to make an exciting presentation without the use of powerpoint. People use powerpoint because it suggests the speaker is prepared. First you want to make an outline of your speech or presentation. Then divide the time in minutes to each line or category of content. I might recommend 3 main points and use a visual prop for each. You shouldn’t have any problem finding props for marketing agencies. It all depends on how detailed your topic may be. All marketing agencies market or advertise because that is what they do. You might want to use a newspaper ad, flyer, peice of mail, or even a telephone for a prop. These are avenues of marketing. If you are speaking on types of agencies then you can use visual aids like a barbie doll if it is a modeling agency, or a soda beverage container to distinguish the difference in looks and designs from their competitors. You really have to think outside the box here but the ideas are unlimited.

Good Luck

More to life than powerpoint

Powerpoint is a professional tool used in many presentations across the world. Have you ever heard the term peradigm? Paradigm is what we believe about something. Since the inception of Microsoft and the Microsoft Office package, we have been lead to believe that Powerpoint is the ONLY way to make an effective presentation. Guess what? There is more to life in the classroom besides boring powerpoint presentations. Bill Gates has done an outstanding job getting us to believe his product is the only option when it comes to making a presentation. Thinking outside the box is the only way to break away from this thinking. There are many tools that make an effective presentation. Most of these can be found on the internet just like this site. I suggest visual aides and props. Visual aides and props get the audience involved in the presentation. Ask questions to get them involved. Use illustrations that apply directly to the topic. The best example I can give would be the comedian called Carrot Top. He uses only visual props to entertain his audience. Just remember to map your outline and only use what is necessary to make your points. I never use powerpoint!


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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