Cosmic rings

Cosmic rings

Cosmic Rings inspired by the rings around Saturn. Has a dark background and a matching colour palette.

Could be used for a project on space, astronomy, the planets or the stars.

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Published On: 1st Oct 2006

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  1. its great tepmlate

    thank you

    zakria alsalman 22 Feb at 9:21 am
  2. this template impressed everybody I showed it to.

    Anonymous 1 Mar at 9:09 pm
  3. How do you get your name off the template?

    Jan 19 Mar at 3:31 pm
  4. Normally if you go to View> Master> Slide Master you can take it off there

    admin 20 Mar at 9:58 pm
  5. i tried to remove “your name” but cann’t
    how to do???

    WW 8 Jun at 10:00 am
  6. Subtle, perfect for school project, Thank You

    Sharon 30 Dec at 5:18 pm
  7. it is very good

    Aadil 5 Feb at 1:01 pm
  8. thank…you

    Anonymous 9 Mar at 5:26 am
  9. really mind blowing work

    harsh 16 Mar at 3:43 pm
  10. your really very creative.. keep it up..

    yvette 23 Mar at 8:06 am
  11. AWESOME template, love the colors and I’m using it to make an hinduism presentation and the color are beautiful.

    Saucyonepr 8 May at 4:59 pm
  12. Just for homework

    Marcy 28 Jul at 12:27 am
  13. It’s really good!!

    Aumy 10 Aug at 3:54 am
  14. Really good how do you get, Your name of off the bottom?

    megan 25 Aug at 8:20 pm
  15. thank you.

    nkk 23 Sep at 12:37 pm
  16. it looks great,but I think there is something with it,because the tepmlate I down load is different from the pictures showed above.

    Kathrin 27 Oct at 12:01 pm
  17. For powerpoint presentation on ecmo…for my masters work.

    michelle 13 Nov at 3:23 am
  18. thank you:D

    nicole 15 Nov at 6:20 am
  19. I have a final project for a college course, in which we must use PowerPoint to present. I am trying to gather different templates to choose from (the presets are atrocious). Thank you much for offering free downloads. I have been telling classmates about this site. In addition to the downloads, I have been reading some of the helpful hints and tips for presentations. This site is an amazing, easy to use resource!

    Shelly Ramos 11 Feb at 8:43 pm
  20. Using this in a HS science-fiction class I teach. Great!

    hmrags 11 Mar at 11:11 pm
  21. love it

    mhitch 27 Jul at 12:30 am
  22. How get “your name ” off?????

    SO 21 Aug at 3:36 pm
  23. Ican not for the life of me – get ‘your name’ off the template…it is interferring with an otherwise fabulous template – any ideas? going to view, masterview does NOT do it.

    KLMayer 24 Aug at 7:20 pm
  24. Using this as a background for a chemistry lecture on quantum mechanics…

    Anonymous 20 Sep at 3:49 am
  25. Absolutely great for my astronomy presentations

    DClinton 20 Oct at 3:52 pm
  26. thank you!!!!

    ll 26 Jun at 9:34 pm
  27. In order to remove “your Name” click on slide master, and look to the left where the thumbnail slides appear, once there, scroll all the way to the top thumbnail slide and click on it. You should now be able to move “your Name” from that slide which will remove it from all slides.

    Annie 17 Sep at 5:03 pm