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Corporate 1

Corporate 1

A Corporate Presentation Template with a blue background. It shows includes a bar code as well as a globe showing the lines of latitude.

A professional business template, downloaded many times.

Corporate 1 inside page
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Published On: 11th Nov 2006

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  1. Exceptional

    Similo 12 Nov at 12:18 am
  2. Nice layout. I wonder why it’s free, while it has a barcode on it. Just kidding. 😉


    Jonathan 13 Jan at 2:22 pm
  3. today first time i visited this site through google search….

    it is really really really great n i m loving it….

    Arif 4 Feb at 10:56 am
  4. Thank for nice theme, i’ve just downloaded it

    hieutv 17 Apr at 10:49 am
  5. thank you^^

    sujin 6 Jun at 5:57 am
  6. Good!

    kiHun 6 Jun at 2:34 pm
  7. It’s so nice template, thank you so much.

    david 23 Jun at 8:50 pm
  8. So great,..thank you so much


    Wendi Kadir 7 Aug at 4:02 am
  9. Great! Big big help in my work!
    Thanks a lot, more power!

    mines 26 Sep at 5:34 am
  10. nice template

    saba 16 Oct at 4:43 pm
  11. nice temolate

    Ahmed 22 Oct at 8:07 am
  12. nice theme!
    thank you very much

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 5:27 am
  13. nice template!
    thank you^-^

    hyojin 7 Nov at 3:35 pm
  14. Really a useful site..was quite bored from using default templates

    Raman ahuja 9 Nov at 8:05 am
  15. this is really good

    deemi 13 Dec at 5:11 pm
  16. It look great.

    Anonymous 15 Dec at 4:51 pm
  17. Looks great!

    Anonymous 17 Dec at 12:00 am
  18. Nice design!
    I like it!
    Thank you!

    Anonymous 26 Dec at 3:58 am
  19. Nice click and direct download feature. Thanks for the theme !

    Dhruv 12 Jan at 6:04 am
  20. Very professional

    Leon 15 Jan at 9:52 pm
  21. Templates are made professional, well done.

    Lavdimi 19 Jan at 3:04 pm
  22. it looks great

    thanks for making free

    jade 11 Feb at 11:56 pm
  23. i love it!!!

    marlene 18 Feb at 4:47 am
  24. Very useful for my BRM project presentation

    Deepak 22 Feb at 10:56 am
  25. Thanks

    Jedy 2 Mar at 9:08 am
  26. thank’s for this free template
    it’s really professional design

    iuchy 13 Mar at 3:09 am
  27. This web is very useful and convenience.
    Great design.
    Try more, more and more different template please!!

    Maggie 25 Mar at 9:26 am
  28. When I toug that internet was full of crap… Sites and content like this make a great difference.

    Daniel 23 May at 8:18 pm
  29. very useful! i love the designs.. thanks so much..

    janette 15 Jun at 4:12 pm
  30. It looks very nice and profesional. It really help to me in my presentation. thanks a lot.

    ananthan 15 Jul at 8:09 am
  31. Thanks a lot! This will be my star up business template…

    FPPL 16 Aug at 1:35 pm
  32. thanks alot, keep up the great work! you guys saved me

    tiffanyamb 18 Oct at 1:45 am
  33. thanks a lot! it’s beautiful and quite helpful!

    Barbara 25 Oct at 5:48 am
  34. awesome design…

    rakesh 28 Oct at 8:09 pm
  35. V.good template. Thanks for this!

    vishnu 2 Nov at 11:27 pm
  36. THANKU

    Anonymous 10 Nov at 2:44 pm
  37. That’s great and be very useful for my presentation.

    Alan Chiu 17 Nov at 5:50 pm
  38. thank a lot

    VTTV 27 Nov at 8:32 am
  39. Thank it’s great theme

    aong 21 Jan at 4:27 am
  40. Makes a great statement…thank you

    Nicholas 23 Jan at 10:18 pm
  41. Using it for a graduate level business presentation on the consumer discretionary retail industry. Great background!

    Mike 21 Feb at 8:28 pm
  42. nice template

    natascha 17 Mar at 12:29 pm
  43. I really like this template. Will be used for a class presentation on the organizational structure of a retail corporation.

    Sarah 20 Mar at 4:02 pm
  44. Thanks a lot !! that’s what I want 🙂

    Namhee 2 May at 6:18 am
  45. thks guys.., nice slide.. wait for next template..

    satria 10 Jun at 5:42 am
  46. gracias!!

    lely 15 Jul at 6:04 am
  47. thanks so much!
    it’s great!

    viephuc 18 Jul at 5:57 am
  48. really thanks for sharing…

    amanda 10 May at 2:17 am
  49. nice template
    GOOD !!!

    yun 6 Jun at 8:57 am
  50. Thank you! The templates are amazing.

    Essem 8 Dec at 6:10 am
  51. I plan to use the template for a presentation assignment in my business class about the marketing mix.

    lyn 2 Jun at 2:14 pm
  52. :)nice

    xuan 3 Aug at 9:22 am
  53. Fantastic site! Thank you so much.

    Liz 4 Aug at 2:17 pm
  54. You have a very nice collection of template but how do we installed them

    Lise 14 Nov at 12:07 am
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