Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift ideas

It is always a bit of a tough one to know what to give for a christening.

This is the problem that Reece has got coming up. Do you have any good ideas?

Here are a few ideas that we have come up with but we need a few more..

  • Complete set of Peter Rabbit Books
  • A necklace with a silver cross
  • China Piggy Bank
  • Gold sovereign

Please add your good ideas in the box below


Published On: 15th Aug 2005

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  1. prayer book

    Anonymous 16 Oct at 12:53 pm
  2. I have just brough a cinderella book and a magic wand to make all her dreams come true!

    Anonymous 1 Dec at 9:08 pm
  3. My son was given a Disney share for his Christening present.

    Anonymous 12 Dec at 8:23 pm
  4. Name a star after the child

    Anonymous 10 Jan at 2:47 pm
  5. Spaceform do some lovely gifts. I recently bought a lovely glass photogrmae and token. It’s definately worth a look.

    Anonymous 19 Jan at 2:12 pm

    Anonymous 8 Mar at 5:17 pm
  7. A photo of the sunrise of day they were born

    Anonymous 10 Mar at 3:39 am

    Anonymous 23 Apr at 6:35 pm
  9. Wooden dolls house kit, which you make up and personalise for the child.

    Anonymous 28 Apr at 7:24 pm
  10. premium bonds

    Anonymous 3 May at 2:38 pm
  11. For a girl – something from Tiffany and Co – totally extravagant but so special in that little blue box and bag.

    Anonymous 21 May at 10:08 am
  12. How about a telescope along with naming a star as suggested above.

    Anonymous 21 May at 10:11 am
  13. A personalised alphabet picture – The Little Folk do some lovely pictures in a variety of colours/characters

    Gayle 20 Jun at 1:59 pm
  14. How about you make something i always do..

    Right now it nearly midnight and I’m going to a Christening tomorrow i still need to make something for a a girl and a boy !!!

    Soo how about that .. by the way I’m only 13!!!

    Larrissa 12 Jul at 9:57 pm
  15. Fortnum & Mason deliver a christening gift box.

    Angela 20 Sep at 4:45 pm
  16. I make special gifts and i also made a christening gift for my nephew of a soft brown teddy with a silver torque bangle placed by its feet and wrapped with a big blue bow and blue balloon it looked beautiful and more personal.

    sara 20 Sep at 9:13 pm
  17. A set of mint coins for the year that they were born. Sure to increase in value.

    Donna 27 Sep at 10:30 pm
  18. for a christening:
    a baby christening outfit and a christening cake
    food: a feast or so. a party in the middle. invites, a vickar and a church.

    that’s all

    donna riley 30 Oct at 4:13 pm
  19. a charm bracelet with a charm commemorating the occasion (additional charms can be added for birthdays/ special days)

    JANE 9 Mar at 5:22 pm
  20. Pincess and the pea.Handmade bed,doll matressess crochet pea and story book.Its beautiful my sister (and niece) love it

    joanna 21 Mar at 4:27 pm
  21. An ornamental tree

    Jennifer 20 Apr at 12:48 am
  22. The present I appreciated for my daughters christening was the simple fact people took time out their day just to be there. Anything else was a bonus. One present I did for my friend was to take lots of photos and then the next day I gave her them in a beautiful photo albulm I made by hand, she adored it x

    Ange 25 May at 9:58 pm
  23. how about a memory box so when they get older they can put objects of importance to them in it! I made one and i love it!

    Serena 9 Aug at 7:59 pm
  24. Contribute to the RESP/School savings plan. It will be appreciated by the child later (and the parents too).

    Diana 21 Sep at 7:26 pm
  25. Please take a look around the site, we have tried to explain how you can get your pictures on one of our lovely medallions, if at all you need any further questions about our service please contact us.
    This is truly a unique gift and can commemorate any event or celebration of your choosing.

    Bodley Medallions 12 Oct at 1:55 pm
  26. How about.
    *hand knitted cardigan
    *woolly socks
    *memory box
    *photo album of the day event
    *clothes for the baby
    *small charm bracelet if its a girl

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 10:36 pm
  27. Beatrix potter musical box.Peter rabbit or Jemima puddleduck etc.They make a lovely keepsake.My daughter got one when she was born-shes 11 now and still enjoys playing the lullaby tune every now and then.Am buying one for my nieces christening next month.Can be a little pricey but lovely gift from a godparent.

    Gill 28 Oct at 11:49 pm
  28. Christening bonnet/handkercheif. Uses it during Christening and turns into a handkercheif for his/her wedding day. (Son gives to his bride). Very memorable throughout life and a great way to keep it going through generations.

    Auntie Glo 6 Nov at 2:39 am
  29. For occasions like this, the parents might get gifts that they already have. A good way to make sure someone likes a gift is by letting THEM pick!

    Naveen Katragadda 24 Nov at 7:35 am
  30. i usualy buy them an apple tree and ask parents to plant it for them,somewere safe,or small print site make cheap fingerprint charms for when they get older ,it set in silver loveheart,or a hamper of cheap but good toys,or best yet a vocher for a mold of there foot to be taken profesionaly,and there parents can add onto the price,this was done for me and i ended up spending 150.00 euros but i never would have done it myself,and i just love it

    abbergaiel 5 Feb at 1:28 am
  31. We bought a few Christening Display Windows as presents for friends’ children’s christenings years ago. A miniature display window which has representations of the date, time, name and weight of baby in the display – I’m not sure if anyone still makes them but am trying to find out.

    David Watson 18 Feb at 9:13 pm
  32. How about a christening guest book? I take your favourite photos of baby, fully edit them, and design a personalized guest book that everyone at the christening can then sign and add their blessings. Lovely to keep for the parents, and could also be part of ‘baby’s’ 18th present!

    Linsey Wraith 4 Mar at 6:27 pm
  33. A lovely white dove release to celerbrate there birth after the christening and all the guests will love it as well

    Linda 20 Apr at 10:29 am
  34. A really nice Christening Bible – you can have it engraved as well.

    Tracey Claire 28 Apr at 12:15 pm
  35. why not buy a wooden noahs ark
    a wonderful gift they will play with and treasure

    sue 4 May at 11:35 pm
  36. you can buy a stuffed “Precious Moments” doll that when you put the hands together it recites the Lord’s Prayer.

    Jenn 8 May at 12:50 am
  37. For a girl, maybe a dress. OR! you could ask the parents what the baby need at this moment and about sizes (which are very important).

    Amie :) !! 8 May at 2:52 pm
  38. A sliver napkin holder from H Samuel or Ernest Jones etc…. that’s what I’ll be giving

    jack 22 May at 12:43 pm
  39. A lovely engraved Photo Frame makes a lovely keepsake or a personalised plate

    Tracy 15 Jul at 8:31 am
  40. how about naming a star after the baby

    suzanne 28 Jul at 9:48 am
  41. buy an educational books, dvds or some toys.

    tess 11 Aug at 3:43 pm
  42. For my 1st grandaughter I bought a christening box that had a book of your choice a teddy and a coin of her birth year now it is my 2nd granddaughters turn and i cannot find that website help

    barbara 13 Aug at 7:35 pm
  43. Hello UK – I hope you like my collection of guardian angel pendants.

    All guardian angels have the option of a personalised engraving. A significant date, for instance, might adorn the reverse side, and the name of a beloved may embellish the angle’s wing.

    Hope to hear from you soon….

    Petra Tarnoki 14 Aug at 8:34 pm
  44. buy a nice tree, that blooms, so parents and child can watch grow.

    mairead 15 Aug at 3:28 pm
  45. For my granddaughters christening I had an Irish baby blessing made into a Pages from the Heart gift book mine looks similar to the fourth one down on this page

    Except the picture is actually a picture of my new granddaughter and the words are different mine reads
    May you always have
    A sunbeam to warm you
    Good luck to charm you
    And a sheltering angel
    So nothing can harm you
    Laughter to cheer you
    Faithful friends near you
    And whenever you pray
    Heaven to hear you.
    Mine is also decorated with a few pink and white roses its very beautiful .I have bought several different gift books from this lady they are always beautiful and unique and she is very obliging in what she will alter or add to make the gift special for its recipient

    Terri 3 Sep at 8:08 pm
  46. Being a friend its hard to choose traditional gifts as the family will have bought all of these kind of things. For a boy, maybe a silver money clip engraved with their name. Then you can give some money as well.
    For a girl, some silver earrings they can wear when they get older.
    Its keeping in the silver theme but not getting in the way of family ideas.

    Elizabeth 26 Oct at 7:12 pm
  47. a full length sheared or shaved beaver wrap of sandy beige color-SOOOOO SOFT!!!!! AND ORIGINALLY CANADIAN..

    sells for 205$ and less at COOP OF PROF. TRAPPERS’ OF QUE. 80 RUE HARVEY, STE-MARCELLINE, QUE J0K 2Y0

    barbara tremblay 29 Nov at 5:51 pm
  48. My Nephew was named after my father, I found in my fathers memory a religious medal he wore all of his life. Perfect!

    Marian Wheeler 12 Dec at 6:44 am
  49. Bonds, Disney shares?? Jesus people, its a present for a kid, not a wall st broker!!

    mr x 6 Mar at 1:27 am