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Chess Set PowerPoint Template

Chess Set PowerPoint Template

A simple concept, but one that works very well. It is a chess set in PowerPoint where you can move the chess pieces around the board.

Would be great for teaching chess, or for use at a chess club. Includes all the pieces in vector format – King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Castle and Pawn – so you can colour them in your own colours.  Click here for our Chess Board Game Template.

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Published On: 27th Oct 2007

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  1. This is awesome. I am a teacher, about to start a chess club for third through fifth grades, and this is really going to be a huge help!

    Tavele 19 Nov at 4:42 am
  2. This is perfect. I am in afghanistan for 9 months so I can shoot this back and forth with my 10 year old son and we can have some fun “Dad” time together until I get back. Thanks.

    Brett 2 Oct at 7:10 pm
  3. I have neve thought that powerpoint can do such kind of things. Thanks for open my world!!!

    G 16 Dec at 8:44 pm
  4. It is very cool! It only misses coordinates (eg. abcdefgh & 12345678).

    Ivan 8 Jun at 8:39 am
  5. The queen and king are placed on the wrong squares on the board, but other than that, looks good. Might include coordinates as a border.

    Anonymous 14 Jul at 3:42 pm
  6. Very useful, easy to move pieces (and amend the incorrect starting line up. Useful for school assembly and chess club.

    GM 20 Sep at 8:13 pm
  7. I think this is fantastic! i have searched the web for such a resource as I am starting up a new chess club at my primary school. these powerpoints will be invaluable. THANKYOU!

    MHolmes 12 Oct at 7:56 pm
  8. I have to do a presentation on chess and I will actually be able to demonstrate moves. Very helpful!

    Anonymous 13 Oct at 2:09 am
  9. Hallo, good, thank you

    Heru W 17 Dec at 4:42 am
  10. Like many posters above, I am a primary teacher looking for good chess resources – this is the best I have found. Thanks for the work! I will pass on your site to my club members.

    Doug K 3 Aug at 10:59 am
  11. Very good, however King and Queen need to be switched!!!

    KB 12 Sep at 7:22 pm
  12. this is most helpful. I’ve been looking for useful templates for a while.. until I found you.. this would be a great help to my 1st time presentation to my boss and my clients.. I really want to impress them… with your help, I’m sure I’m not far from it.. THANKS!!

    helen 25 Dec at 2:58 am
  13. you put the king and the queen on the wrong square the queen goes on its color everyone know that right

    J 14 Mar at 4:03 pm
  14. Hi J, Thanks for your feedback I have now changed the template to reflect the queen being on the right square!

    rboynton 17 Mar at 11:24 am
  15. Hi, we have added the co-ordinates to our chess board

    rboynton 19 May at 11:45 am
  16. super!! thank you!

    ll 26 Jun at 9:39 pm
  17. I am a math teacher who has started Chess Clubs in multiple schools. This template helped me to visually teach students. It is phenominal and great for teachers!

    Chess Coach 22 Jan at 2:37 pm
  18. Yahoo! I visited my 5 year old grandson in NYC who I only see once a year (from Calif.) and he had a chess board and we played 6 games at dinner. I set this up with your templates so I can mail him 4 games in progress for his next moves and then update with running comments when I get it back (providing stamped self addressed envelopes) and make my moves and resend to him,this is going to be a great way to keep up with him thanks for sharing it.

    gmagee 19 May at 4:33 pm
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