Can I convert InDesign to Powerpoint?

Can I convert InDesign to Powerpoint?

Can I convert InDesign to Powerpoint?

What is the best way to incorporate pages of an In Design document (This is an Adobe layout software application that Graphic Artists use.) into a Powerpoint presentation? Can I take specific .indd pages that have been exported into PDF files and insert those PDFs into my Powerpoint? Or is my only option to export the individual .indd pages into .jpeg and inserting those in a Powerpoint slide? How large would those .jpegs be and does this process compromise the quality of my .indd pages/photos? Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Thank you for your expertise!



powerpoint will not be able to inport/insert/convert an Adobe InDesign file.
The same goes for PDF files.

The leaves you with either recreating the slides/pages by hand in powerpoint. Or going down the ‘export a flat bitmap’ from indesign and inserting that into powerpoint.

What formats does your copy of indesign export – can it export EMFs (enhanced windows metafiles?). Can you control the resolution (number of pixels) in the export of bitmaps from InDesign ?


you can export your indesign to pdf and insert these into powerpoint by inserting as an object. very easy.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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