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Business Development Job Presentation

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Please help.

I am through to the second round of interviews for a Business Development Manager job. I have to present a 10 minute interview on tendering for a 3 year contract which us currently being held by a competitor,the company putting out the tender are going to be under financial pressure for the next 2 years.

I am going to present using powerpoint and think I will use 10 slides. My first 2/3 slides will be about the company history. Next I will move onto their benefits and services and lastly confirm and summarise what ‘we’ can do for them.

Is this acceptable for a presentation? Also some of the information that has been provided is a little vague and I cannot confirm how it is meant to be interpreted. This could be very important or indeed not worth mentioning. help!

It sounds OK, but probably a little dull. This is what most people tend to present.

I used, when I worked as a consultant, evaluation bids sat on the end of a lot of these presentations and they were quite tiring affairs.

One approach that I saw to good effect was.

1 slide – this is where we have helped you before in the past
3 slides – here are three areas of how we think that we can help you in the future
3 slides – overview of the company and its capabilities.

The opening could be a play back of the objectives of what the comapny is looking to achieve.

The key is to make the presentation as visual as you can.

I would suggest that you read the article on “Essential Presentation Skills”

Good luck



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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