Business Christmas Card

Business Christmas Card

Business Christmas card

This card would be ideal for companies wanting to thank their corporate partners for the last good year of business.

It features a comforting scene of Christmas lights glowing in the dark.

You can download a PowerPoint version below.

Business Christmas Card inside page


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Published On: 17th Nov 2010

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  1. I would like to use “Business Christmas Card” to thank my corporate partners & customers for the last good year of business. Is it ok?

    Eunice 7 Dec at 7:58 am
  2. Hi Eunice,
    This is exactly what we want people to use it for. Hope your partners and customers like it

    rboynton 7 Dec at 11:36 am
  3. Thks for your reply. May i know is it legally if we insert our company logo & name & other information & send to our customer via email? pls confirm. thks!

    Eunice 8 Dec at 2:07 am
  4. Hi Eunice, we do have certain rules for using the templates (see the second slide; Use of templates), but you can edit them add your own logo details etc. I think the only rule that applies is; please do not pass off any of our created content as your own work. Good luck and hope your clients like the card – Happy Christmas!

    rboynton 8 Dec at 12:52 pm
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