Blackboard Graphics Template

Blackboard Graphics Template

This educational PowerPoint template shows a blackboard. It is editable so you can change the writing, add pictures and even change the background colour in order to personalise it.

Blackboards are used in many establishments (typically public houses) as a form of advertising, often for upcoming events, menus or to record the score in darts matches. They are also used in homes, specifically in the kitchen, for writing messages, shopping lists and things to remember.

This would make a good template for any school project.  Click here to also see our Chalkboard Template and chalkboard graphics template.

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Published On: 5th Sep 2011

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  1. what a great template, do you have a template especially for children?

    puji 26 Apr at 3:41 am
  2. Thanks so much! This worked great for my college presentation!!

    D. 2 Feb at 12:33 am
  3. Hurray! Another way to use a “visual” for learning… Watching text letter by letter being written… just like the “old days!”

    Starr L 10 Feb at 6:13 pm
  4. Congrats, for your excellent template.
    I would like to thank´s. I am amazed with such effort and dedication.

    Best regards!!!!!

    from Portugal (Lisbon)

    Rui Pinto 7 Dec at 1:45 pm
  5. Thanks for making such excellent templates available for free!

    Ari 6 Mar at 5:59 am
  6. cool.. you still share these templates for free.

    @onino99 14 Apr at 12:57 pm
  7. love it!!!!the best

    Isaac 4 Oct at 1:06 pm
  8. thank you very much..

    Tamsil Tajsam 4 Mar at 3:22 pm