Best Man Speech – Mentioning Death

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Best Man Speech – Mentioning Death

Best Man Speech – Mentioning Death

Hi All,

I am speaking as best man this weekend and am struggling on how to mention the Groom’s passed away father…..
(we are both 26)

He passed away about 5 years ago through illness – and was a great guy, my Dad’s best friend…. and knew each other’s family well…

I’d like to mention him in my speech, but not sure on how to go about this.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


I think that you may need to mention it, but really only in passing.

Something along the line of "and it’s a real pity that David’s dad could not be here as I know he would have been so proud…" Don’t linger on the point and then move very quickly onto something more upbeat like, "but.. we are so pleased that we have visitors here from as far away as skegness, scotland and even France…"

A wedding speech is a time for celebration and you will need to keep things very upbeat.

Make sure everything is written down and well rehearsed.

Good luck.

Given the sensitive nature of the topic not to mention how emotions will be running high on the wedding day anyway, it may be worth talking to your friend in advance and telling him you plan on mentioning his father during the speech and is that okay with him. Bear in mind the impact it may have on his mother also.
If he is happy for you to mention his father then keep it brief, don’t dwell on the topic say something along the lines of "Though "Dave’s" father "John" may not be in the room with us today, he is certainly here in spirit and would be very proud of the person that Dave has turned out to be" then move on to a happier topic and praise the Groom’s mother saying what a wonderful lady she is, and finish this segment with a short complementary story about her.

Speech Success is spot on though I would suggest moving on to a more upbeat topic once the tribute is over to sway the audience back into a feegood mode.

Before contemplating mentioning death in a best man speech be sure to talk it over with your friend (the groom) beforehand. While it is a nice touching gesture you do not want to upset the groom, his mother and other family members by bringing up the subject of death.

If the Groom wants to mention the passing of his father (which he probably will) then that is up to him.

If you truly want to make a comment about it then consult with the Groom beforehand and make sure that he is okay about it.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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  1. This saved me! I had it all wrong.. Thanks!

    clayton 6 Apr at 3:43 am