Beer Bottle PowerPoint Template

Beer Bottle PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template shows an interesting view of a beer bottle – it shows the neck of the bottle.

This template would be a good background for presentations on alcohol awareness or the effects of alcohol. Interesting uses of this template could be:

  • Presentations about investigating the effect of different yeasts in beer.
  • Talking about the different alcohol content in beer.
  • Talking about alcohol toxicity.
  • Presentations about matching beer to different foods.
  • The different manufacturing processes.
  • An informative speech on the different types of beer, such as Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Bitter, Pilsner.
  • A talk about the importance of malt and hops to the beer-making process.
  • A speech on wine vs beer: which one is better?
  • A presentation about how one pint a day can lower your risk of heart disease.

If you have downloaded this template, please let us know how you used it in the comments box below.

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Published On: 17th Nov 2017

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