Aquatic insect template

Aquatic insect template

This is a striking template based on a photo taken by our editor in the rainwater collector in his garden.

It is of an aquatic insect in his garden, taken with a macro lens.  It could be used for a presentation about insects, entomology, fly fishing, invertebrates, river or pond life.

We have not been able to identity what this insect is, so if there are any entomologists out there, please let us know.  The picture was taken in the UK in August.  Possible thoughts are that it is an up-winged insect, maybe a mayfly or damsel fly – possibly a member of the Ephemera or baetis families.

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Published On: 25th Jan 2010

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1 Comment
  1. I think it is a lacewing. Not aquatic, maybe just fallen in?

    Sue Browning 25 Jan at 5:10 pm