Abstract Shapes Template

Abstract Shapes Template

Some abstract shapes decorate the background of these slides.

Also check out some of our other abstract and pattern designs.

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Published On: 3rd Oct 2008

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  1. cool PPT file

    Jamie 16 Nov at 2:32 am
  2. I want eye-popping templates to use with a group of teen-agers. I’m taking several from your site to see if that will grab their attention.

    Jane Maple 22 Feb at 3:57 pm
  3. I am working with a group doing a presentation on the advancement of fine arts in Psychology and how it has been used to help people. I wanted something that looked fun and bouncing because many of the arts are fun and bouncy.

    Kari 26 Apr at 12:43 am
  4. its gud!!!!!!!!!!!
    adds variety 2 ur monotonous themes present in ur microsoft ppt. sack

    debozzzzzzzzz 29 Apr at 4:45 am
  5. I like the madness of this – I’ll use it when I need to get some energy into a group or for kids (who already have a lot of energy :-).

    glow-in-the-dark 11 Sep at 7:29 am
  6. Thanx a lot
    I find an alternative presentation leaving behind the old and boring way!

    Anonymous 20 May at 11:07 am
  7. Looking for fun, youthful templates that will keep us mindful of the teens we are planning for.

    Christine 1 Nov at 7:09 pm
  8. thanks for sharing…………nice stuff

    Anonymous 13 Feb at 7:15 pm
  9. nice

    Lynn 5 Jun at 9:36 am
  10. thank you*^^*

    eunhye 19 Jul at 2:24 pm