A "how to" speech

A “how to” speech

A “how to” speech

i have to have a 3-7 minute speech on “how to do” something. i can write the speech easily, but im having trouble picking a topic.

classmates speeches include:
‘how to make cookies’
‘” ” ” smoothies’

now the teacher doesn’t want all food topics, but i cannot think of anything to do.

we must provide a visual aid. so all of the ppl above are going to make their topic infront of us.


How to make
– something out of wood
– Something for less than $1
– ten knots
– friends
– a packet of chewing gum last a week
– an enemy of your best friend
– a sledge (sled) toboggan
– craft project
– something amazing on powerpoint
– my dog jump over hoops
– a pinhole camera
– a musical instrument
– rag doll
– puppet
– a model boat
– something out of lego
– a cartoon
– a plasticine model
– a bunch of flowers
– your mum very happy

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Originally Posted by Jes Cole

i have to have a 3-7 minute speech on “how to do” something. i can write the speech easily, but im having trouble picking a topic.

classmates speeches include:
‘how to make cookies’
‘” ” ” smoothies’

now the teacher doesn’t want all food topics, but i cannot think of anything to do.

we must provide a visual aid. so all of the ppl above are going to make their topic infront of us.


Hi im having troubles finding a topic too if any one has a suggestion

Right on!

Right on, that is a great topic. Do the how to make cookies one, and make some cookies. After your speech hand out some cookies. For a visual let them sit in peoples view for a few minutes, then take them away so the people wont lose focus on you….the teacher will love ya once sh ehas some of those cookies!!

: 0

i have to tell a 2-7 minute speech tomarow on how to do somting ( i’m good at )
and i have know i dea what to do it on!!! i think i’ll have to do it on a hobbie
…. but i have no hobbies i’m good at!!! I don’t know what to do!!!

how to 5-7 min

I have to do two how to speeches for 5 to 7 minutes, so what can I talk about for that long? Thanks all.

i have to do a speech on how to do something. what should i do?

How about

How to …
– lose weight
– conquer your fear
– teach your dog to do tricks
– give up smoking
– run a marathon
– make a make Date Slices
– save money
– make a survival kit
– learn the welsh national anthem
– do the Haka (Māori dance)

Hey yall i have to do a how to speech and i don’t know what to do. I need some help finding what to do.if yall can help me i will be more than happy, THANK YOU!!!!!!

How to Speech

By brother came up with this idea. I’m doing how to do a how to speech!

I have one due to and i cant think of a topic either, it is due monday. maybe ill show how to make ice or something easy.

heres a few that i came up with..

how to…
ride a bike
go to class
fix a broken zipper
pick a fight
eat a sandwich
knit a scarf
type your name
have fun
mow a lawn
use google


Not to do a speech
to put on a condom on
to do a magic trick
to get revenge
to do a good prank
to find a dog thats suited to you
to kill a person with a toothpick
to shave your legs
to make your english teacher quit (my subject)

also i was wondering
“Is everyone typing to this doing NCEA Level 1 and from NZ?


yes the whole show us how thing can be a little hard to find a topic


we all have that problem but as i read it… i came up with a good idea

how to prepare demonstration speech “how to”

it sounds silly but that’s what i’m doing.

Ask your classmates to see what they’re interested in. If you hear a few classmates say “I really wish I knew how to…” then you know there’s interest for that topic.

You could also focus on your skills and interests. If you’re great at soccer, for instance, teach them how they can improve their soccer skills. If you’re a great writer, teach them how to improve their writing.

How to

how to..
giftwrap a present
read body language
make ur own CD’s


HELP ME! i need to do a how to speech in front of my high school english class which i hate…

i was thinking of teaching them how to do a high school musical dance or i could just go with the easy one and make pb and j.


how to speech

I recently had to do a how to speech and I did how to make a strawberry shortcake…it was a great idea because i made it in front of the class and my speech was at least 4 min..someone should try it my teacher loved it and i got an A

How To:
-Play your favorite board game
-French Braid Hair
-Paint Nails
-Do a manicure/pedicure
-Put on makeup
-Make a craft
-Make your favorite food

I once did a ‘how to’ on “How to do a ‘How To'” presentation… It worked I got a B+.


how to:

– Make your significant other/spouse happy on Valentines Day (Bring Hershey Kisses for show)
– Make a mixed drink (Alcoholic or not)
– Lifeguard
– Drive
– Live
– Love
– Hate
– Make a cheap costume
– Pack a sack lunch
– Save a life (lol… the fray)
– Make Conversation (with friends/strangers/adults/kids)
– Sink a boat
– Draw a bubble bath
– Do a load of laundry
– Throw a party
– Listen/Chill out to music
– Walk
– Hate George W. Bush
– Vote
– Register to vote
– Get Dressed in the morning
– Lose your mind

How to speech

I just got assigned the same thing and finally decided to do mine on
‘How To Draw Yourself as a South Park Character’
If you go to http://www.sp-studio.de/ you can create a character step by step so just stick w/ the basics (head, eyes, mouth, body) and let your audience decide how they will add the hair and clothing and such. Its a really easy thing to draw and by drawing you are demonstrating. You could also find other subjects like How to Draw Snoopy, How to Draw a Smurf, and if you’re ambitious, How to Draw Yourself as a Simpson…..hope that helps someone!

just be creative…

i have written one and am currently working on another

my first one was “how to sharpen a pencil”

and i am currently writing “How To Write a How To Speech”

How to

hi. the ‘how to draw something’ was really helpful.
i have some ideas.

x. make a thumb war.
x. make friendship bracelets.
x. make toothbrush bracelets.
x. make [any jewelry]
x. make origami [paper creatures]
x. how to be yourself.
x. sleep
x. take a shower.
x. eat.
x. fake a sneeze.
x. fake a barf.
x. fake an emergency.

hope they help.

how to

how 2 eat chalupas

i love it!

i love ur idea of how to sharpen a pencil. im gonna try to make it into a ten minute presentation so i hope it will work. thanx.

It really is quite an easy topic:

How to… (do an everyday thing).

A million and one phrases fit that void, so go nuts!

I also thought of another way you could be creative…

How to associate the universe with toothpaste. that kind of topic is.. funny

I have to do a How to speech

I have to do a How to speech at school soon… I really like this website because I had NO idea what i should do. So I decided to make a speech over How to make Strawberry-banana Milkshakes! YUMMY!!!!


-how 2 make ricecrispy treats
-how 2 dance
-how 2 put on make up
-how 2 make a “how 2” speech
-set up ur own e-mail
-how 2 makemac&cheese
-order a pizza

my speech for level one

Last year for my level one “show us how” speech i did
-How to Make Haggis
awesome idea as it is atomatically a little odd so people take notice to it

How to tie a tie

How to make a paper hat
How to make a sandwich
How to tie a shoe lace
How to draw a cartoon character
How to make a cup of tea
How to wrap a present
How to dance the salsa
How to sew on a button
How to give a speech
How to iron a shirt
How to decorate a Christmas Tree

A “How To” speech opens up many choices for the speaker, given that the original poster wanted a speech where he/she needed a visual aid whilst delivering the speech then the following speeches would fit the bill;

How to provide a presentation using Powerpoint.

How to make well-done toast without burning it.

How to say Hello in 10 different languages. (visual aid should be the flag of each country on screen/board for everyone to see.)

Hope these help.


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  1. I’ve been trying to come with a how to speech, & how to do a how to speech sounds like a great idea.

    Hiemlick Jingles 1 Sep at 5:57 pm
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