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It’s true to say that 60th birthday parties can be some of the most lavish and most extravagant going. By the time you reach the age of 60, the children have usually left home, loans have been largely paid off and the need to get together with family and friends is more important than ever.

Here are a number of good 60th birthday party ideas to make it a very special event.

Marquee in the garden

This only tends to work in summer, but if you have the space, a marquee makes a great venue.

Hire a classy restaurant

This is what Lord Sugar’s wife did for him. She also invited along a number of celebrities such as Cheryl Cole.

Hire a band to sing

A band can make for some great entertainment. Elton John at his 60th birthday party had Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears singing at the bash. Obviously this may be a bit out of your league, but there are lots of local bands that you could use – particularly a tribute band.

This is your life

If you are arranging a party for someone else, you could do a surprise version of the TV show “This is your life”. If you get a video screen together you could get people who are unable to attend to send you a short video message that you can play at the party (ideally less than 90 seconds long). Ask them to make it funny.

Hire a hotel for the weekend

Why limit the celebrations to just one night? You could hire a country house for the weekend. You could include pamper sessions, and even shooting and fishing as well as the lavish meals.

Bake a cake

Why not bake a cake and add the the number 60 in icing. If you’re not confident to do it yourself you could probably find a cake shop to do it for you.

River boat party

You could hire a river boat for a party. These are great fun and can be found on many rivers such as the Thames and the River Severn. A jazz band or a dance band could go along with it very well.

Cowboy party

If you are into country and western, then a cowboy fancy-dress party could go down very well indeed. You could all dress up as cowboys and Indians and a country and western band could work well. If you want a bit more fun you could arrange for a bucking bronco machine.

Hire a big villa

You don’t have to party in this country. You could take off to hire a villa in France, Spain or Greece. You could even do it in Mamma Mia style.

Do you have any other 60th birthday party good ideas? Why not leave them in the box below?


Published On: 19th Jan 2011

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  1. For My nans 60th I’m taking all the close family. Witch is mostly all of us. Out for a meal. Have a few drinks and a birthday cake.
    Then to day after, I’m going to take her to the theater to see all the 60’s music.
    And to top it all of I’m getting her hair done, and make up and getting her all glamed up. N maybe she mind find a decent fella……haha people say life starts at 60. But life starts when you start to live. And enjoy life.

    shannon rose 15 Feb at 1:38 am
  2. We cover many 60th birthday parties and there seems to be a trend of having a special lunch on a Sunday with close friends and family.

    One client deviated from this and hired the club house at a Golf Club and used our 5 piece steel band for entertainment. They wanted a lively party atmosphere and high tempo calypso music. They also had a barbecue with a wide selection of food. The party was a success and it was great to see how energetic and fit they were as the conga line pranced around the dance floor.

    The Sunday lunch theme works best in the spring/summer as an outdoor event. Reception drinks for an hour followed by an exquisite buffet style lunch with lots of variety and a colourful array of desert options; this is the winning format.

    You are welcome to follow our blog for more tips from successful events and have a closer look at our service. We would like to hear from you if the article was of interest. bigsands

    Big Sand - steel band hire 12 Jul at 8:03 am
  3. Go to exotic country all together. Once in life you should do this:)

    Rory 10 May at 8:24 am