5 minute sales presentation

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5 minute sales presentation

5 minute sales presentation

Fab website! can anyone help I have a Sales job interview on Wednesday where I have to present for 5 minutes on ‘why I am interested in a career in business to business sales and why I think I am suitable’?

Any ideas

Simply present three themes and illustrate them with pictures of graphics.

I’m not sure if you have a sales background but here are a few ideas for a theme

– I like people
– I’m motivated
– I’m good at selling
– I’ve got good time managment skills
– People like me
– I’m a good problem solver
– I like the products you company sells

All of these themes should be backed up with a good example of how you have been able to demonstrate these. For example you could talk about how you were able to sell something very quickly or easily.

I hope that this gives you a few ideas.

Need help on a 3 minute sales presentation

Hi i really need some help. I have a 3 minute presentation labelled “Why we should select you for a career in sales”.

The presentation is for an organisation that acts as a recruitment agency. If i pass the assessment day (which includes the presentation) i will have a good chance of starting a career in sales through this organisations intervention.

I dont have any experience in sales except time working in a retail store. How can i draw on experiences if i have no experience? What do they want to hear in the 3 minutes??

Any feeback would be good

I say, when giving a presentation like that and its about you, just tell the people why you think your qualified and if u had some times that you actually talked so one into doing something tell them the story it make the viewer actually feels like he knows part of you, and entertainment is always a good way of catching the viewers eye.

5 minutes tech sales pres

I have to do a 5 minutes sales presentation at a large computer company’s rush, the topic is free choice. My question is, should I do something technology related, or should I do something personal?

I think the safe route would be technology, but I think I would be more passionate doing it on something like surfing.


I think choosing something that you are passionate about is a good idea.

Maybe the best idea would be if there is a way to link that to technology available….Eg. Maybe a surfing computer game or simulator that can help people learn etc????

You only have 5 mins to impress and you’ll want it to be something memorable – I’d think surfing wouldn’t be something they’d see over and over so….good luck whichever way you decide!



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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