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3d Graph Template

3d Graph Template

3d Graph Template

Bring some fun into your presentation with a 3d style graph background template for your presentation.

3d Graph Template inside page
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Published On: 1st Nov 2006

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  1. Very cool – sharp!!

    lyn 10 Nov at 2:40 am
  2. It looks great!…I will use it right now!

    Melvin San Francisco 22 Nov at 2:24 am
  3. great to wake up sllepy physics students!

    Anonymous 30 Nov at 1:10 am
  4. presentation

    rakesh 25 Jan at 12:13 pm
  5. thanx and more power…

    nharc 7 Feb at 4:05 am
  6. exciting….

    wowo from cilacap 19 Sep at 10:47 pm
  7. brill πŸ˜‰

    Lee 6 Nov at 6:26 pm
  8. cool

    Anonymous 21 Nov at 9:15 pm
  9. Excellent thanks

    Mary 8 Feb at 2:06 am
  10. omg than you thank you thank you i finally found something professional AND cool looking for my presentation.

    lilleester 15 Feb at 1:59 am
  11. Really fantastic. thanks for provide you. πŸ™‚

    Soni 7 Mar at 7:18 am
  12. I really like the background you have because its making my work look much better πŸ™‚

    Luigi 11 Mar at 1:08 pm
  13. Nice template πŸ™‚ good job! got me an 8 ^^

    Bram 13 Mar at 12:29 pm
  14. thanks for the powerpoint template! good job!

    Piza 27 Mar at 4:33 am
  15. it is very nice

    asif gl 31 Mar at 12:29 pm
  16. i like this. just enough color without interfering with the text on the slide

    joy tio 2 Apr at 8:55 am
  17. simple, the best! thx

    p_t 15 May at 2:39 am
  18. this is a combination of coolness and professionalism. great job!

    flo 30 May at 11:17 pm
  19. Awesome! I like the colors and how the text pops out at you.

    Nadine 11 Sep at 7:30 pm
  20. really loved the template… it is PERFECT !

    Anonymous 13 Oct at 8:19 am
  21. coolness and professionalism. great job!

    Awesome! I like the colors and how the text pops out at you

    Samet 14 Nov at 9:07 pm
  22. it has a catchy look…….

    Anonymous 13 Dec at 8:58 pm
  23. very nice for business meetings ?

    onick 15 Jan at 8:40 am
  24. This is quite powerful and the colors are exceptional!

    Nicholas 23 Jan at 10:11 pm
  25. i love it because i love 3D cool

    markma 12 Mar at 3:24 am
  26. KLass!!!!!!!!!!!

    ZAra 1 Apr at 8:03 pm
  27. I just love it.

    lorrie 12 Sep at 9:33 pm
  28. me gusta

    Anonymous 5 Oct at 7:36 pm
  29. That’s great !

    Scarlett 23 Mar at 2:34 am
  30. cool your website is fab!

    a 1 Apr at 10:30 pm
  31. superb

    rahu 21 Apr at 4:56 pm
  32. I used it on my lesson about Office programs and of course I like it πŸ™‚

    eLGi 13 May at 9:13 am
  33. Thanks for sharing. What a paelsrue to read!

    Dweezil 25 May at 7:02 am
  34. goood

    salman 3 Dec at 9:30 am
  35. Thanks! πŸ™‚
    Will use it for my presentation in school. πŸ™‚

    User 22 Sep at 8:36 pm
  36. Thanks…….

    Mobina 31 Jan at 4:57 pm
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