Three Ways to Create Absolutely Unique Slides

There are many sources of images and backgrounds. However, wouldn’t it be best to create slides that no one else has seen or used?

There are at least 3 ways to make a slide unique.

1. Use your own photographs

One way to make a slide unique is to use your own photographs and not something you’ve seen online or can buy from a stock agency.

use your own photo

Keeping your iPhone or similar smartphone handy is  great way of getting pictures that no one else has ever used. Even more unique are photos that you scan from old prints. Since slides were meant to show pictures, showing your own pictures make your slides special.

2. Use a unique font

Using a unique font is another way to make your slides special.

diffferent fonts on a page

The Font Generator will create a font using your own handwriting. It takes about 15 minutes and it costs very little to do. It’s your slide, why not make it in your handwriting?

3. Use a unique word

One of the best ways to create a unique slide is to use a unique word. A word that you make up is the most unique word you can write. Make up a word like Unboringize to show that you want to help make presentations less boring.

slide showing single word

Try it. Your next audience will thank you for it.

Joel Heffner


Published On: 15th Aug 2011

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