3 Tips for Creating a Great Presentation

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Natalie Coslovsky shares some tips on how to create a great presentation.

1. Prepare your content well and mould it to perfection

Understand your audience’s interest and their purpose in listening to your presentation:

  • Come up with one simple core message that will leave an impression on them
  • Use numbers in your headings like “3 Types of Presentation Techniques” to help people remember better
  • Include stories or give facts and numbers to back up your point and to inspire your audience

2. Develop an appropriate presentation design that helps you to convey your core message

For example, use a finance-themed template for presenting a guide to earning money:

  • Use shapes or diagrams rather than bullet points
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new like 3D transitions to make your audience go ‘wow’
  • Include more pictures relevant to your point and use less text

3. Organise your content into slides that flow naturally

Good presentations are well-paced and well-planned:

  • Do not distract your audience with overloaded slides
  • Include quotes in big fonts to give your audience a break from the same layout and to create more impact
  • Animate pictures and objects instead of overusing text

Developing a good design can be hard and will take time and effort.

If you find you don’t have the time, or you lack the necessary creativity, you can always turn to presentation templates.

With thanks to Natalie Coslovsky at emaze


Published On: 9th Dec 2014

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