3 minute presentation

3 minute presentation

3 minute presentation

Hello.I have a 3 minute presentation on tuesday labelled “Why we should select you for a career in sales”.

The presentation is for an organisation that acts as a recruitment agency. It does state that it is better to make the presentation imaginative,however i cannot use powerpoint. I need leave something memorable at the end of the presentation so i stand out.

Any help would be great.



Hope this helps, he is a good presenter.

Try using sales techniques to sell yourself.


Tell us.

Tell us why they should hire you. That’s the starting point for your presentation – if you can’t tell us, when you’re thinking about it, calmly with time to type and re-type then you don’t know.

If it can’t be said in a sentence (or two) it can’t be done in an hour: three minutes is plenty of time if you know exactly what your presentation is about.


3 Minutes presentation

A couple of ideas. You could do something similar to X-Factor or Pop Idol and have Sales-Factor or Sales Idol and do the theming all round that – someone will love to be Simon Cowell.

Or I know someone who went for a sales interview and when asked why he should be chosen over another candidate said quite bluntly…

“because, i will sell more than he will!”

At the end of the day, Sales is about one thing. Sales. If you cant sell more than someone else – why would anyone want you?

So, why not say something like… I know i have 3 minutes but in fact i only need 3 seconds to convince you. Then hand them all an envelope, let them open it and it say inside the message above.

Simple, effective and memorable.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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