21st Birthday speech for a sister

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21st Birthday speech for a sister

21st Birthday speech for a sister

(Sent by email a few days ago)

Dear doctor needing a few tips on how to deliver a funny 21st speech for my sister any advice would be grateful.

yours sincerely


Ian – unfortunately email is not the best way to contact us as it comes in with a lot of spam. Putting a message on the board is the best way to get an answer.

The key to a 21st Birthday speech is to keep it short and humorous. No body ever complained about a speech being too short! People will want to get on with the party.

Generally speaking best to start off with a little praise with some of the positive attributes and then to bring in a few funny anecdotes from her childhood (three should be sufficient). You need though to keep them within the comfort zone of the audience, but enough to make her blush. You may at this stage also want to bring out some photos of her growing up – particularly if they look any different from how she looks today.

End the speech with words along the line of how she has grown up to be a lovely/kind/ beautiful/ kind/ considerate girl and you are proud that she is your sister.

End by proposing a toast.

I hope that this helps.

Please let me know how you have got on

Kind regards

Thanks Jonty I had left it a bit late to start asking for advice. The birthday doo was on Friday but I managed to get something into a rhyme and didn’t offend her or make her blush which is good.

Anyway thanks for getting back


I Harvey

One technique for a 21st brithday speech is to cast back in time to see what was in the news the year that she was born.

Here are a couple of extracts from 1983.

IBM announced the PC XT – the first widespread PC with an operating system designed by Microsoft.
The ARPANET officially changes to use the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet.
Film of the year was ‘Return of the Jedi’
Sally Ride becomes first American woman in space on the Space Shuttle Challenger.
Pop singer Michael Jackson performs his Moonwalk dance manoeuvre for the first time during his performance of Billie Jean
Neil Kinnock elected leader of the Labour Party
Compulsory wearing of seat belts becomes law in the UK.

You can find more stories on wikipaedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983

Dear Doctor
I need your help I am throwning a 21st birthday for myself, and I feel I need to say a little something to thank everyone for coming and how much my friends and family mean to me. Can you help?

You have not provided a lot for me to go on.

In this case it would probably work well to be sincere about much how your family and friends mean to you. It may be a good chance to recap on a few stories from you childhood that showed that despite getting into a few scrapes they were with you when you needed it. These could be anything from the time when you dropped a tin of paint on the carpet – to a spell of illness in hospital.

I hope that this helps

12st B’Day Help

Dear Doctor,
I’m about to have my 12st birthday and I have to organise it myself. I’m not very good (experienced) at organising parties and I’m quite shy. My 18th worked out badly because it was a few weeks before Exam time and despite early organisation no one was able to come. I’m terrified to the point of not doing it at all, and am thinking of just having a BBQ with my family, but I’d like this to be special. How do I keep people happy and entertained? Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.

Im sorry, but do you mean 21st? not 12st?

-Paul Carahan

I think you should just give her a speech from YOUR heart and hand her the liquor bottle because her mind is probably already on getting messed up. And i think that would be hilarious.

21 st birthday

hi please help me with a speech for my brother

Birthday speeches may differ considerably because the content of a speech literally evolves with time: the 21st birthday is considered a "passage". Yet it is possible to trace a kind of a model outline for any birthday speech as a toast:

1) Welcoming the birthday guest;

2) Telling a story revealing his/her remarkable qualities and presenting this person from some unexpected but very positive angle;

3) Expressing gratitude for what the person did for the family, colleagues and friends;

4) Congratulating the birthday guest and wishing him/her health, love, success, and many happy returns of the day.

Humor and mild kidding are a welcome part of a birthday speech, which can be:

1) professional (formal);

2) playful;

3) complex (i.e. combing a formal structuring with some jovial and humorous elements).

All the best!


Wonder if someone can help me. I live in SA and want to throw the smashiest bday party on 31 March 2007.. I want something that costs the least and would make the longest lasting impression.. please help..

a little help for your problem…

Hi there,
My 18th was a great night, and not because it was in a fancy place, or the beer was free.

Think larger. what is more important to the person you are throwing the party for. Alcohol? or friends and family?

Im guesing a little of the first and alot of the second.

If i was you, I’d hire a local place, or even a family/friends house. Invite all of her friends and family, and if she has friends that she hasn’t seen for a while suprise her and bring them along too.

For my birthday, my friends raided my parents house and took all my baby pictures and other funny pics from over the years. they then placed them all over the walls for every one to see. I was a little embarassed but saw the funny side, and it made me look back.

We also had some great games. Games that made people close to me, like my dad and cousins, look funny. take a look at google for some great games ideas.

Hope this has helped.


its best to write your own
that way its from the heart. otherwise, whats the point??!!
say what you wanna say-not what you think they expect you to.
it has to be from you-otherwise they would have just hired some random to do it..!

yeah, well, thats my opinion anyway…

hope i helped… : P



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