20 minute presentation for Corp. Education / Training position

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20 minute presentation for Corp. Education / Training position

20 minute presentation for Corp. Education / Training position

Hi All,
Next week (Thurs.) I have my 2nd interview with a healthcare software company for a Corporate Education or Client Trainer position. I have been asked to give a 20 minute presentation and the guidelines follow my post. I am not too worried about actually giving the presentation, but I cannot come up with a good topic to save my life. They suggest that it should be “geared toward training an adult audience”. I’m starting to get a little nervous about not coming up with a topic, so if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, advice, I would SO appreciate it! (My work background is in elementary/early childhood education and healthcare -Obstetrics- if this helps…) Thank you in advance!!

What is it?
The exercise is a 20-minute presentation you’ll give to a small group of four to six staff members. Your audience will typically ask questions throughout your presentation so you do not need to allow extra time at the end for them.

What is the topic of the presentation?
You may select any topic you wish. We would suggest something that you consider yourself knowledgeable in. Your presentation should be geared toward training an adult audience. “Teaching a Foreign Language” is a hard topic to evaluate and therefore is discouraged. Please keep in mind that we do not want to disturb our neighbors so please avoid playing loud music or instruments.

What materials should I bring?
You may bring any props, handouts, etc. that you feel would enhance your presentation. However, the use of PowerPoint as a presentation tool is not allowed.

What materials will we provide?
We’ll provide a dry erase board; and we’ll even throw in a few markers.

What is the format of the exercise?
Once your audience arrives, we’ll prompt you to start. From this point on, you’re in charge. You can sit or stand. You can ask us questions, and you can bet we’ll have some for you. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to monitor your time.

How will I be evaluated?
We’ll be evaluating you on the content and effectiveness of your presentation and your presentation skills. We’ll also consider an overall assessment of how enjoyable your presentation was to attend.


Why not try a topic along the lines of how adults learn, you could include learning styles (audio/kinaesthetic/visual) and also schools of learning such as behaviourist/ theorist/ cognitivist or andragogy.

With an educational background these will be a piece of cake.

You could demonstrate how through your presentation you are targeting the different types of learners to maximise the learning potential. Cover items such as:
What strategies will you use?
Resources etc

you could open with something like….. Ever wondered why you click a pen in meetings or training, or doodle, or wonder how you can look away out of the window but still remember important information?
Then explain reasons for this.

Hope this helps!

Good luck


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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