2 minute sales presentation

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2 minute sales presentation

2 minute sales presentation

Hi ! I need help writting a presentation for work. here are the terms for the presentation I have to do please provide me with any tips you have. Thanks.

In preparation for the conference, please prepare a 2-minute presentation on your team’s country. Please follow these criteria:

This presentation is aimed at an (imaginary) existing customer – ABC Company – that wants to start shipping to your team’s country. ABC has been a loyal (courier company)customer for 5 years in other parts of the world. They do not know our capabilities to this new country and they do not know you. You are new to the account.

You will be presenting to the Board of Directors of ABC Co. so plan to deliver the presentation from a standing position to approximately 8 people.

For the sake of this exercise, you may present a portion of (the courier company I work for)’s competencies to, from and within your country. You do not have pack an entire sales call into 2 minutes. We want to see a polished 2-minute segment with a beginning and end. It does not have to include every tidbit of information.

You want to make this prsentation as compelling as possible because this is your only opportunity to impress the Board with not only (the courier company I work for)’s competencies, but yours as well. You will be the account executive for ABC Company in Canada so you must win their respect and trust during this 2 minutes.

Everyone will be required to present, so arrive at the conference prepared.

Timing is important so stick to the 2-minute mark as closely as possible.

Do NOT use PowerPoint. You will NOT have access to computers. You will have a flip chart if you wish to use visuals.

Be creative. Be dynamic. Plan to win this account!

Sounds like you can have a fun time with this one.

In two minutes you really have to borrow some of the techniques from TV adverts. They can pack a whole polished message into 30 seconds – so two minutes should be easy.

Use visual aids where you can. You could use a flip chart – there are some giant “3m Post-It charts” flip charts that you could prepare in advance and carry in with you

Personally It would be better to design some visuals (you could use powerpoint to to them) and paste them onto large white artists card. This way your whole presentation is portable.

For a direct sales presentation follow the Persuasive Selling formula

1. Directly state the problem – e.g. you need to ship good into a new country but you don’t know which carrier to pick. How can you be sure that your gets arrive/ on time/ without being broken/ stolen etc… (you could be creative about the country – I guess – China, Iraq, Siberia etc)

2. Briefly state you solution. Ii It’s my xyz company’s money back scheme.
You could design and blow up a logo.

3. Describe how your solution works. The top three features e.g Presence in 25 major towns – 220 employees — your own snow ploughs, Satellite navigation, 97% on time delivery rates …. etc) You can be creative on thie one.

4. What are the three main benefits. Delivered on time – peace of mind

5. Real evidence. Provide some real evidence like success rates for the past three months or a case study.

But the real winnner is REHEARSAL. Practice out loud at least 4 times, one of which should be in front of a real audience, family friends etc. Make sure that you time it and learn your speech off by heart. Video if you can and pump it up to get some passion into your voice.

Great fun! Go for it and let us know how you get on.

help me

help me for selling presentation .what i speck first]

The Doctor said it right


Time yourself, Practice infront of the mirror.


Have Fun and Good Luck!

Melvin Vu


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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