15 min sales presentation – help!!!

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15 min sales presentation – help!!!

15 min sales presentation – help!!!


Please could I have some advice…

On Monday I have my second interview for a Regional Sales Manager with a large Lighting Company. Presenting to Regional Manager & National Sales Manager

I have to prepare a 15 min Power Point Presentation detailing:-

1. How do you propose increasing (company’s name) market share
2. What skills and experience would enable you to be successful in the role
of Regional Sales Manager

Followed by 30 mins of specific questions about the presentation and also some generic questions.

Firstly I have never used Power point before so that really scares me and also I have now only got 4 days to prepare.

I had thought about preparing a folder/presentation booklet on the above and also doing some kind of Business Plan.

What are your thoughts?

I have done many 1st stage interviews and always come accross very well as I would like to think I am very ‘personable’ however in my present job I am very much hands on and do not rely on having to do presentations.

I want to do this because I obviously want the job and also because it will be good experience for me.

Please help me…


okay, first of all let’s break this down.

How important is the involvement of PowerPoint? The reason I ask is because, as powerful as PowerPoint is, if you’re not used to it (and only have a few days), keep it simple and use the powerpoint as a “headline” for your booklet and plan.

The most important thing is to focus on the content of the presentation, then build the powerpoint screens around it.

You can PM me if you want more assistance or information


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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