10 min presentation for probation service

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10 min presentation for probation service

10 min presentation for probation service

Hi all
subject is

” a practicle example of steps i took to solve a specific problem”

Can someone please help. i need more advice on how to deliver this . should i use flow charts or should i use a projector or nothing at all. Im struggling with an example too. i want to give an example but dont want to give the wrong example and get completly stuck.

Also can anyone please give me some more idea on what is a Scripted interveiw and semi sructured interveiw is please?.
any advice and help for me will be really appreciated

thank you



As far as I know “scripted” or “structured” interviews are when the interviewer asks a series of pre-determined questions to all the candidates.

These are usually specific to the job role and as such should elicit replies that allow you to talk about skills or experiences relating to the job you have applied for.
They are looking for certain answers and or competencies to be evident in your replies. They then would use the replies to see how you score against a grid of points.

The benefit of this type of questioning from your point of view as the interviewee is that it is fair and consistent across all people being interviewed, where as with unscripted interviews you could be asked a question that is not relevant and another person may not be asked the same question so this is inconsistent and not very fair.

For example there may be a question like:
“Describe a time when you have dealt with a difficult situation in the absence of a supervisor”.

Then at the end of the interview the interviewers will compare your reply to their expectancy such as:
*Evidence shown of working unsupervised
*Evidence of problem solving
*Able to lead a team
*Solution reached with minimal disruption etc etc

Then these are scored so you might get:
0 points for no evidence.
1 point for minimal evidence.
2 points for some but not all.
3 points for evidence across all.

Obviously the higher the score the more successful the competency!

Most larger companies would stick to scripted/structured interviews to give you the best opportunity to answer the questions and have equal opportunity as the next person!

I hope this helps you out a bit! If not what you were hoping for – you can PM me and I’ll try to help more.




Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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