Water Drops Template

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Water Drops Template

This was taken from a photograph of rain drops on a window.

The effect of the water against the surface of the glass makes a really nice template.  It can be used for anything to do with water, the weather or the environment.

Water Drops Template inside page
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7 July 2009    Template number 00210

Filed under Nature and Environment , ,

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Comments on: Water Drops Template

it’s great, many thanks

Posted by tami — 19 Jul @ 4:33 pm

I’m going to use this for an ESL lesson about the environment – thanks!

Posted by Mariah S — 25 Jul @ 1:00 am

Love the many options!

Posted by Caroline — 3 Aug @ 1:19 am

A very great template (:

Posted by Mirco — 21 Aug @ 7:18 am

beautiful bt difficult to make out the words especially lower down

Posted by vishnu — 27 Sep @ 3:43 pm


Posted by Anii — 28 Sep @ 8:39 am

La frescura que representan las gotas de agua escurriéndose inspiran a los videntes a usar la plantilla en temas o tópicos de comfort físico o sosiego social o por lo menos es transmitir paz al lector con la imagen de fondo.

Posted by servando — 26 Nov @ 6:28 am

the template looks very nice. thanks for offering it for free.

Posted by Jam — 3 Feb @ 10:30 am


Posted by Anonymous — 7 Apr @ 12:16 am

thanks, very nice

Posted by BEN — 26 Jul @ 9:17 am

thanks!its the perfect template that i need..

Posted by rova — 7 Sep @ 6:00 am

I really like this template, thanks for sharing it! I plan to use it for a presentation on the green tree frog which I thought was a nice link.

Posted by mmac — 18 Oct @ 3:59 pm

Good Website…

Posted by ags — 8 Dec @ 6:49 am

wot a great template. . .

Posted by arysha — 22 Feb @ 9:36 am

I’m planning to use it for our Water Bowl Project to help animals this summer. Thanks much!

Posted by Nithya Pari — 25 Feb @ 6:09 pm

I really seems nice. I hope to use it in home movies. Thanks for providing it free.

Posted by Judy F. Hicks — 15 May @ 10:31 pm

I’m also using this to make a PPT in my ESL lesson. This is the second template I downloaded form this site. Great templates. Thanks a million!

Posted by H2 — 3 Feb @ 4:55 am

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