Sun Ray Template

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Sun Ray Template

Feeling a bit down in the dumps during the winter months?

Here is a template that is bound to lift your spirits. Similar to our rising sun template, this one brings in an art deco type theme.

Fill effects have been used to give a gradient type of effect to the colour. It almost reminds me of a Van Gogh sunflower woth its vibrancy. As with all of the Presentation Helper templates, we have included a matching colour palette to make things fly.

Could be used for a presentation on art deco, the twenties (1920s), Clarice Cliff, Eric Slater and Shelley Potteries, solar flares, or sunspots. Are there any other uses that you can think of?

Sun Ray Template inside page
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1 January 2009    Template number 00292

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Comments on: Sun Ray Template

want to use it as a background with some

Posted by tony molesworth — 1 Mar @ 11:59 pm

I will use this template to make a presentation to teachers in how to teach angles

Posted by K — 12 Feb @ 5:54 am

I want to use it in a presentation dealing with the sun and skin cancers

Posted by Shirley — 1 Apr @ 2:26 pm

This is perfect for the design I want to put on my Mother’s 98th birthday cake. We are giving her a 1920′s themed party so the Art Deco design in black and white will be ideal. Thank you

Posted by Daphne Brown — 17 Jun @ 1:56 pm

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