Sparkler PowerPoint Template

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Sparkler PowerPoint Template

This is an exciting template showing a lit sparkler emitting light.  This hand-held firework burns slowly while giving off bright light-coloured flames, sparks, and other pyrotechnic effects such as fizzing and crackling during the explosion.  Aluminium or magnesium produces the white sparks.

In the UK, a sparkler is often used by children on Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night), the fifth of November.   There is always a big safety campaign around Bonfire Night to highlight the dangers of fire.

They are also used on special occasions such as a wedding, where special sparklers, usually in a heart shape are used, or a sparkler may be used instead of a candle for the Christingle on top of the orange.  Sparklers can also be used to create artwork by taking a slow exposure photograph which follows the light pattern.

The template could be used for presentations on celebrations, lights and Bonfire Night or as a firework safety poster.

Sparkler PowerPoint Template inside page
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Using this one for a Chemistry Project, mostly because it looks awesome!

Posted by David — 9 May @ 12:45 am

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for pstinog!

Posted by Lilly — 25 May @ 6:49 pm

hmm…it’s look pretty wearing this

Posted by vittapuchino — 13 May @ 9:16 am

Thank you. I used this ppt to help remind children about firework/sparklers’ safety

Posted by Howard Judge — 21 Oct @ 11:55 am

Thank you.

Posted by sun — 6 Jun @ 5:37 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 3 Aug @ 6:58 am


Posted by Anonymous — 3 Aug @ 6:59 am

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