Ribbons Template

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Ribbons Template

This ribbons template is ideal for a Christmas design or for a birthday invitation.

It could also be used as an award certificate or a gift card.

Ribbons Template inside page
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8 November 2015    Template number 00127

Filed under Birthday Templates, Christmas , , ,

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Posted by sumira — 31 Dec @ 11:22 am


Posted by Jean — 26 Feb @ 1:35 pm

so cute

Posted by Stephanie — 22 Oct @ 1:45 pm

I used it in our church’s slideshow for the upcoming Christmas events – thank you for such beautiful work and simplicity in using it :)

Posted by RR — 21 Nov @ 1:34 pm

Good idea

Posted by Lamiko — 4 Oct @ 6:28 am

Employee Holiday meeting

Posted by Diann — 1 Dec @ 5:00 am

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