Persuasive Speech Example – Social networking sites

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Persuasive Speech Example – Do social networking sites do more harm than good?

Here is an example of a Persuasive Speech Topic sent in by Matteo Berto.

Ladies, gentlemen, there has recently been a debate as to whether social networking sites do more harm than good.

Personally, I believe social networking sites are harmful and do have consequences. I have solid evidence to support my statement and so I would like to start with a true story concerning Facebook – a popular social networking site.

Not too long ago, a girl in her teens made a friend on Facebook – a chat buddy. This other unidentified friend didn’t give any personal details and one day this girl and friend met up at the mall.  The girl was never seen again. This is a serious matter because let’s say this happened to all girls – it would be chaos. Another story is that of a suicide because a person couldn’t meet up with another person on another social networking site. People – is our nation known for its numerous social networks which invade privacy and prevent outdoor activity and exercise? Are our students to spend time chatting online instead of studying for future careers which make this country great?

The opposition argues that social networking sites give people their own space and that these blog sites represent fun and socialisation. Well, would we not prefer our children to go outside and socialise and meet friends that they know where they live and they know their gender? Did people in the 60s need social networking sites? In the olden days we didn’t express a need for an online high tech chatting system. Social networking sites prevent youths from spending time with their parents and their siblings. Another issue about social networking sites is what if your child comes across discrimination or cyber bullying? This only adds to depression. If we are to be a happy nation we should restrict these sites to people above the age of sixteen. This is a fairly easy alternative which I am sure the majority of you would vote for.

Overall, the benefits are few and the drawbacks are many – social networking sites are the centre of misconduct, less studying and unsafe blogs. Do we want our youths to have their eyes glued to computer screens or their ears plugged to headphones? We must restrict social networking sites to 16s or above! Get your children outside socialising and inside studying!

By Matteo Berto, aged 12.

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Views - 86,204

2 April 2009

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Comments on: Persuasive Speech Example – Social networking sites

Speaking as a teenager myself, I find social network also very “unsocial” as it doesn’t allow us to get out into the real world. Everyone else at my school absolutely disagrees and I find it very heart warming that there are young people (in this case an intelligent 12 year old) who have seen the evidence and have produced an extended argument against it. Reading it made my day.

Posted by Jack — 10 Dec @ 11:37 pm

ow?,,,,,,,you make me more comfortable by reading this speeches of yours,,,,,,thank u for adding more informations,,,,

Posted by mae besweng — 6 Jan @ 5:10 am

that topic is Wonderful

Posted by hussen ,,Egypt — 5 Apr @ 3:26 pm

I think that this is quite a good, persuasive speech. It also looks like you have good points for your speech which you are using to influence others and think about them. I am in year 10, and have to write a speech, and this looks like a good topic. For a twelve year old, I think that you have done a great job. Well done!

Posted by Faris — 14 May @ 5:30 pm

this is very good – well done!

Posted by Laura Swift — 2 Aug @ 1:13 pm

This was amazing i enjoyed it very good well done.

Posted by Random — 8 Aug @ 9:09 am

this was very good and changing as l’m a teenager my self.

Posted by nfggjhbuyty — 9 Oct @ 1:13 pm

very nice speech.’many students like this.’…

Posted by jovie maravilla — 5 Nov @ 7:20 am

well done mate

Posted by Anonymous — 5 Dec @ 11:24 pm

i think it is very good to all other student ,i like very mach this writing stile

Posted by parijat biswas — 16 Dec @ 4:04 pm

about why post secondary school should be free

Posted by gilis — 17 Jan @ 11:47 pm

I think this is extremely good, it helped me write a newspaprer article for english!:) xx

Posted by LilyRose Smith — 18 Jan @ 10:45 am

hi, do you have an outline for this speech?

Posted by hrag — 19 Jan @ 6:12 pm

Hi unofrtunately, No we dont have an outline

Posted by rboynton — 20 Jan @ 11:10 am

This is a good idea…..I just might use it for my english class!!!!! (:

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Jan @ 9:46 pm

thanks sooo much i was looking for this for 2hours

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Mar @ 1:20 am

For me social networking have bad and good consequences, But its up for us kids if were on this side. for me this net working sites may be a bad idea.. We should experience,explore and enjoy the real world!

Posted by kathrinaramos — 9 Apr @ 4:55 pm

Do you have any informative and entertaining speech about this?

Posted by Resie — 1 Aug @ 1:27 am

what a good idea , yes its true , actually it depends on how you use the social networking.

Posted by yammie — 8 Oct @ 3:09 am


Posted by irish escartin — 8 Oct @ 3:10 am

There are a lot of assumptions being made here. For one, personal examples do not necessitate a series of similar responses and are do not produce adequate evidence to suggest this phenomenon WILL happen to everyone. Secondly, while it can be agreed upon that Social Networking Sites do in fact distract and take time from other activities, websites themselves do not make choices, people make choices. The biggest assumption being made here is that if these sites exist, they must be used and will always produce the evidence presented here. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Solid work here, but check your assumptions.

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Nov @ 6:52 pm

I kinda’ bit unlike the speech, the words such as: “Social Networking Sites” is kinda’ bit over-used. But because a 12-year old kid made this, I think its considerable. :))

Posted by Flint Diao — 7 Mar @ 3:09 pm

nic speech,vry good…support yaa 100%

Posted by wada moanga...botswana — 18 Mar @ 12:44 am


Posted by me — 6 May @ 8:30 am

i did this persuasion for my oral at my school lets just hope that i get 10 out of 10

Posted by iloveclancy — 7 May @ 9:41 am

how does it affect our speech though?

Posted by Anonymous — 16 Jun @ 3:36 pm

yes this presentation had opened the eyes of all youth

Posted by aswathy — 16 Aug @ 3:34 pm

Its a great speech and its the truth these days

Posted by zahra kazmi — 20 Sep @ 9:27 am

Word choice, format, and variety was established in that piece while I believe that you have done an outstanding job and should be commended for your talent, hats off to you!

Posted by anonimus owl — 12 Dec @ 7:16 am

Good, excellent

Posted by Anonymous — 12 Aug @ 5:54 pm

I think it is good when it is use wisely and not in the other way round . I find it good and nice for me when I use it wisely. Social networking is useful because it is use for searching things and charting

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Oct @ 9:05 pm

you can please write a persuasive essay about advirtisement more harm tan good…please please please

Posted by JDB — 21 Nov @ 6:17 am

I liked your speech, it did have some great points, but honestly I disagree with it. You made very good points, but other than these small topics what do you have to back up your ideas. Yes, abduction is a big issue and does happen often nowadays, social media sites are used by various predators, but most parents have the sense to explain to their child the danger of this and these children should grasp an understanding and be able to use the social network safely. Another, the fact that you stated how many children are wasting time on social media instead of going out in the ‘real world’ and having real experiences. While this is a good point, there are many children or people in general who have anxiety disorders, or are just plain antisocial. Social media is a great way for them to experience life in their comfort zone. Sure, studying habits are not helped by these websites per say, but for me this is a great way to find help in school. Many of my social network friends are very intelligent and will often help me with my work, this has actually helped improve my grades in school. I did enjoy reading your speech, but if you do write something in a topic such as this please make sure you state all the facts, not just the ones that go along with your own argument.

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Dec @ 3:42 pm

wow FABULOUS What a nice speech.. u such a writer keep it going i really enjoyed your speech

Posted by me & myself — 28 Jan @ 7:34 pm


Posted by LUCY — 21 Feb @ 10:49 am

i was finding speeches about keeping your grades up and this is what i found???? tf

Posted by Roxanne :) — 4 Mar @ 3:37 am

it helps me alot in english and ofcourse it was so fabulous

Posted by mele — 18 Jun @ 8:54 am

hey this is so awesome,and about the one who disagreed with this speech i think you should go see a doctor

Posted by saane — 18 Jun @ 8:58 am

i think that social network is bad but not for the people who are aware of bad things happening today.

so,we should not just justify social networking sites bad .instead of that we should aware people .

Posted by abhi — 12 Jul @ 6:22 pm

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