Paw prints template

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  Paw prints template

Paw prints template

Animal tracks can make an interesting pattern, with that in mind we came up with this Paw print template.

  Paw prints template slide2

Inbuilt slides

  Paw prints template slide3
  Paw prints template slide4


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Views - 9,618

1 November 2006    Template number 00120

Filed under Animal PowerPoint Templates , , ,

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Comments on: Paw prints template

its lovely

Posted by michelle — 10 Oct @ 3:16 pm

Your templates are really beautifull, thank you!

Posted by Nadja — 18 Oct @ 6:15 pm

thanks, we all got our paws dirty making this one

Posted by jon — 4 Dec @ 6:06 pm

very simple and cute :D

Posted by hyejin — 12 Apr @ 11:59 am

it’s cute….love it!!!

Posted by hanni — 26 Jul @ 7:47 am

so cute!!!!

Posted by nanamoto — 11 Nov @ 11:34 am

cute design its sooooooooooooooo me!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by myob — 29 Dec @ 10:59 pm

how can i download it as a new template in my MS powerpoint?

Posted by mikki — 23 Feb @ 4:17 pm

it’s so cool. i luv it. this will give a good presentation. SWEEY!!!!!!

Posted by D ddoogg — 23 Apr @ 1:17 am

awwwwwwwwwwwwww! love it. it’s so cute!

Posted by jelevado — 22 May @ 4:23 am


Posted by Anonymous — 26 Oct @ 6:07 pm

Use on business card

Posted by P. Hogan — 19 Nov @ 8:34 pm

I love it simple yet cute

Posted by Harry Reg — 15 Jan @ 8:29 am

I love this design its so cute and i love it how can i download this on to powerpoint for my background

Posted by Amber Morrow — 15 Mar @ 6:18 pm


Posted by maikedtawun — 7 Sep @ 4:58 am

good …. thax

Posted by tata — 28 Mar @ 1:42 pm

Our school mascot is a bulldog – the paw print fits perfectly! Thank you!

Posted by Bulldog teacher — 7 Feb @ 6:10 pm

thanks~ so cute

Posted by jessie — 24 Oct @ 5:15 pm

amazing .Thank-you

Posted by lynn wonch — 3 Mar @ 4:10 pm

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