Newspaper Headlines Template

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Newspaper Headlines Template

This great template shows various newspaper headlines. They are fully editable, allowing you to create your own catchy titles.

This would be great for creating your own newspaper, announcement or headline.

Newspaper Headlines Template inside page
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Views - 37,125

31 October 2011    Template number 00719

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Comments on: Newspaper Headlines Template

Hi everyone, I really do love your templates for the powerpoints but was wondering if you all had just templates that we could use for a paper and not a powerpoint. For example I love your newspaper one, but I just need it for a paper and can not figure how to copy and paste it.

Posted by Danna Butler — 19 Nov @ 1:53 pm

Thanks! Great help!

Posted by Tom — 5 Mar @ 7:54 pm

Many thanks!i used it for my final project on media texts in FMCG)

Posted by lina — 9 May @ 1:14 pm

Used headline templates for ELT and teaching apostrophe ‘s. Class invented shock headlines: Example:- Prince William’s new baby is a girl!

Posted by G. Kremer — 28 Feb @ 3:35 pm

This one is awesoooooome! big big help! :) thaaaanks!

Posted by kiara — 26 Nov @ 11:26 pm

Thanks, I covered my high school books with Newspaper Headlines Template!! Great!!!!:-)

Posted by Shan-Lee — 17 Jan @ 10:41 am

Thank you for this!

Posted by Hilanma — 17 May @ 5:49 am


Posted by Anonymous — 16 Jun @ 6:03 pm

Thankyou so much used it for a Global village assesment

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Jul @ 10:47 am

Just amazing. Loving it. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Imtiaz — 7 Feb @ 8:31 pm

Using to highlight recent headlines in a presentation about measles. Looks really sharp, thanks!

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Feb @ 1:21 am

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