Music on hold for your company

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coloured music notesEver wondered what music to play to people on the telephone when they are on hold or when they are waiting in the queue for the call centre? Why not match the music to your company?

How about: 

  • Organ Donors Transplant System – “A good heart is hard to find” by Fergal Sharkey.
  • The Severn Bridge Company “A bridge over troubled waters” by Simon and Garfunckel
  • Eurotunnel “Going underground” by The Jam
  • Clearly Presented Ltd – “I can see clearly now”
  • Eddie Stobart “King of the Road” – by Elvis or “I’m on my way” by The Proclaimers

If you can think of a good Music on Hold that would match a company why not add your ideas in the box below.


4 October 2008

Filed under Business Ideas, General

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