Leaves Template

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Leaves Template

Leaves PowerPoint template. A modern design showing leaves falling form a tree on a white background. Has quite a feeling of vitality.

It could be used for a presentation on leaves, seeds, going green, freshness, the clean environment, the ‘green shoots of recovery’ or modern living.

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1 November 2006    Template number 00101

Filed under Nature and Environment , ,

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Comments on: Leaves Template

Very nice.

Posted by lyn — 10 Nov @ 2:38 am

[...] leaves falling from the trees. If you found this helpful you may also be interested in our other leaf themed nature templates and also our seasonal templates. –> Download as Power Point (PPT) file Inbuilt slides [...]

Posted by Autumn leaves template — 12 Nov @ 1:54 pm

very beautiful template.
Thank you very much

Posted by mali — 8 Jan @ 8:09 am

My students will be so happy to have something spring-like on the screen. Thank you.

Posted by Linda — 8 Apr @ 5:15 pm

i love it! thank you!!!

Posted by kyv — 15 Apr @ 5:51 pm


Posted by sanjeev — 13 May @ 1:21 pm

Wow! So nice template. Thank U.

Posted by Hyemin — 4 Jun @ 9:58 am

so nice template

Posted by meenu — 3 Jul @ 10:01 am

nice leaves, thank u

Posted by guppyman — 10 Aug @ 5:19 pm

Nice and beautiful…

Posted by Fishcake — 26 Oct @ 12:23 pm

So many thanks

Posted by bosbos — 30 Oct @ 1:47 pm

Thanks so much for your beautiful template. Do like it.

Posted by DH — 17 Nov @ 10:50 am


Posted by Hazel Smith — 8 Dec @ 11:36 pm

I will use these in presentations for Youth on tobacco and alcohol facts.

Posted by victoria Throop — 3 Jan @ 4:44 am

Very beautiful template, thank you..

Posted by Ika — 27 Jan @ 7:22 am

thanks for the powerpoint, its beautiful

Posted by Lissa — 30 Mar @ 10:08 pm

Increadible & Fantastic

Posted by muchlis — 31 Mar @ 9:47 am

I like the leaves,thanks.

Posted by Fiyon — 12 Apr @ 10:56 am

thanks, its very beaultiful!!

Posted by Lilian — 25 Jun @ 8:07 pm

Love all of the templates.. so fresh!

Posted by Caroline — 3 Aug @ 1:26 am

I love the simplicity and clean look. I am working on a college PowerPoint presentation for class, but will be able to use it in my Master Gardener group also. I am presenting the various aspects of Going Green, so the color and a leaf representing a clean environment, seemed perfect.

Posted by Susie — 23 Oct @ 10:18 pm

a very nice green scenery for my office colours. luv it! thank u very much!

Posted by lusi — 25 Jan @ 5:55 am

Plan to use for a presentation on medicinal herbs.
thank you!

Posted by Maureen — 8 Feb @ 1:40 am

it’s a wonderful template for science project. I
like it so much!!

Posted by raquel opena — 28 Feb @ 1:04 pm

thank you very much for your beautiful design template….

Posted by nita — 16 May @ 7:12 am

thank you

Posted by yuli — 6 Jun @ 8:16 am

thank uuuuuuuu…….

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Jul @ 9:36 am

thanx for a nice template..

Posted by maninder grewal — 7 Oct @ 4:34 pm

simple and classy. perfect for my presentation on extracting compounds from leaves. thanks!

Posted by jennN — 14 Oct @ 4:21 pm

[...] you are looking for other leaf related templates, then please click here. Download as Power Point (PPT) fileInbuilt slides Download as Power Point (PPT) [...]

Posted by Autumn Template — 18 Oct @ 1:53 pm

Gracias por compartir estos lindos diseños de plantillas. Las he utilizado en clases de posgrado. México D.F.

Posted by Paula Bautista — 11 Apr @ 7:41 am

tanks alot. its very very nice

Posted by rosacanina — 2 Dec @ 6:26 pm

Very nice templates thanks a lot!

Posted by a — 29 Apr @ 10:05 am

Nice design for my Sunday School presentation. Thanks.

Posted by Iris — 17 Jul @ 3:34 am

Appreciate it. Thanks.

Posted by Kim — 12 May @ 11:52 am

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