Inspired by Warhol template

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Inspired by Warhol template

An art template inspired by Andy Warhol’s style of painting.
It shows a panel of apples, oranges and pairs in a range of different colours and backgrounds to make a strong visual effect. Could be used for a presentation on modern art, or to show different type of personalities.

Inspired by Warhol template inside page
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10 November 2006    Template number 00164

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Comments on: Inspired by Warhol template

Excellent! Thank you, this was so easy and beautiful! I will recommend your site at the presentation I will give using your template. THANKS!!! Maria

Posted by Maria — 8 Oct @ 4:56 pm


Posted by jabiz — 18 Nov @ 6:28 pm

the apple and other such fruit looked so fresh and cute. but I want more fresh greeny natural scenery!!

Posted by lala — 29 Nov @ 6:59 am

thank you!!! :) this is awesome

Posted by claire — 20 Jan @ 11:41 am

this is a cute template and refreshing when you see it.

Posted by chanytal — 22 Mar @ 2:46 am

the colours are refreshing & inviting!!!!!

Posted by chanytal — 22 Mar @ 2:47 am


Posted by njar — 20 Apr @ 6:21 am

You guys are awesome!Wish had known about you before!keep it up

Posted by denis — 5 May @ 10:48 am

fantastic thankyou, I had been searching for something like this… excellent!!!!!

Posted by caz — 2 Jun @ 11:25 am

Thanks a lot! the colors look so cheerful!!! I’ll be using this in one of my presentations!!

Posted by Azl — 13 Jun @ 12:22 pm

This template looks great, i’ve downloaded it 1 Thank you :)

Posted by Reflexology London — 18 Jul @ 4:06 pm

Thanks a lot! That template is really cool! (^v^)

Posted by Gleena — 29 Aug @ 10:11 am

Its really Amazing

Posted by Sav — 30 Aug @ 11:43 am

oh…it’s really awesome. thank u a lot!

Posted by ettwa — 1 Oct @ 1:16 pm

thanks a lot for these slides but i hope you add more illustrators

Posted by misbah khan — 20 Oct @ 7:31 pm

ohhhh it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Maria — 24 Nov @ 11:34 pm

I am doing a presentation on Different Personalities in the Workplace. This template backs up that title perfectly.

Thanks, it’s great!

Posted by Bridget Bauer — 8 Feb @ 9:29 pm


Posted by ino — 28 Mar @ 1:50 pm

I like this design! Thank you :)

Posted by Dian — 7 Apr @ 5:38 am

this is a fun design, brought a smile. hope it will bring smiles to my audience too

Posted by jelevado — 22 May @ 2:27 am

love the design! thanks!

Posted by Anonymous — 24 May @ 7:00 am

This is a truly awesome template. The colors just amaze me. THanks, thanks!

Posted by Horacio — 26 Jul @ 11:30 am

Really liked this one too…Very COLORFUL!!! :)

Posted by Tamara — 18 Aug @ 6:28 pm

it’s so cute

Posted by Anonymous — 7 Sep @ 5:09 pm

Looks great thanks. Will use in graduate class assignment.
Would prefer to find such templates in .pot format so I can add them to the MS template directory and they show up in powerpoint as an option rather than me remembering and hunting it down.
Thank you, though.

Posted by jNapier — 10 Sep @ 10:07 am


Just open up the template and then go File >Save As to save the file as a .POT file.

Posted by admin — 10 Sep @ 5:51 pm

[...] complements nicely our Inspired by Warhol template: Download as Power Point (PPT) fileInbuilt slides Download as Power Point (PPT) fileTemplate [...]

Posted by Jackson Pollock Template — 22 Sep @ 8:00 am

so beautiful.
i love it

Posted by fishfan — 5 Feb @ 10:08 am

kool lol

Posted by ashely — 20 May @ 7:53 pm


Posted by julie — 11 Sep @ 10:38 am

artistic and sophisticated!! thank you!!!

Posted by english teacher — 24 Oct @ 1:42 pm

I like more and more slides. Thanks for all this
slides.I am waiting for more slides.

Posted by Vivek Kumbhar — 22 Sep @ 1:24 pm

I like it!

Posted by Dunki — 27 Sep @ 5:33 am


Posted by Prashant — 4 Sep @ 5:35 am

Thank you!!!

Posted by Ensun YUn — 14 Nov @ 7:55 am

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