Geometric Shapes Template

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Geometric Shapes Template

Quite often you will need to look for some geometric shapes as clip art .  Here we have a complete set of geometric shapes as regular polygons from 3 sided to 20 sided.  We have also included a 24-sided polygon for good measure.  They are already in PowerPoint format .

Listed below is a complete set of all the regular polygons.  We have also included the technical name (based on Greek numbers) for each one.

Triangle – 3 sides
Square – 4 sides
Pentagon – 5 sides
Hexagon – 6 sides
Heptagon – 7 sides
Octagon – 8 sides
Nonagon – 9 sides
Decagon – 10 sides
Hendecagon – 11 sides
Dodecagon – 12 sides
Tridecagon – 13 sides
Tetradecagon – 14 sides
Pentadecagon – 15 sides
Hexadecagon – 16 sides
Heptadecagon – 17 sides
Octadecagon – 18 sides
Enneadecagon – 19 sides
Icosagon – 20 sides
Unknown – 24 sides

These could be used to teach children about mathematical or geometric shapes, polygons, or could simply be used as shapes to cut out.  This is the perfect accompaniment to our set of stars.

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Comments on: Geometric Shapes Template

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous — 21 Apr @ 8:27 pm

wow, you are amazing

I never knew maths homework could be so easy

Posted by squid — 8 May @ 8:14 am

Thank you so much! This template really helped me with my presentation – trying to do a regular hendecagon freehand is a nightmare!

Posted by ra — 29 May @ 7:05 pm

thanks for the clip art. I’m trying to design a greenhouse out of some existing storm windows and not just make it square!

Posted by zh — 21 Oct @ 3:23 am

I am using the geometric shapes for my high school geometry class to find the relationship of the interior angles.

Posted by iedumac8 — 17 Jan @ 2:59 am

Thank you! I am writing my diploma work and I needed a nonagon.. You have saved my time :) :)

Posted by Sandor — 2 May @ 6:48 pm

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