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Funeral Poem for a Disabled Child

Funeral Poem for a Disabled Child

Came across this funeral poem suitable for a disabled child or disabled young person. ‘He’ can be changed to ‘She’, ‘Brother’ can be changed to ‘Sister’ , and ‘Another Child’ in the last verse can be changed to ‘Other Children’ as required.Hope this helps someone

Not Quite Right

He arrived, “not quite finished off”,
as his brother said one night,
and, “I bet God’s feeling awfully sad
that he didn’t get him right.”

Yet how he laughed and won our love,
though some showed a stunned surprise.
Turning away, afraid to look
or even meet eyes.

But oh! He taught us all so much;
his brother how to care,
tenderness bonded the family;
it grew from our despair.

And when he died at just … years,
his brother comforted me,
with, “I expect God wants to put him right,”
but we missed him dreadfully.

And now I have another child,
perfect in every way;
I know I’ve seen that smile before,
and this time, it’s here to stay.

E. B. Foster

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24 October 2015

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