Free 2016 Monthly Calendar Template

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Free 2016 Monthly Calendar Template

Here is another addition to our calendar family.  It is a monthly calendar template for 2016. Like all of our templates, it has been done in PowerPoint with a month on each page.

These templates are easy to change and you can add your own text, and colour the individual boxes. You could use one at home on the fridge door to keep the family’s busy schedule together.

We have now got a 2016 Calendar which starts on a Sunday

Please let us know how you use this calendar and if you have any ideas on how we could change or add to it.

Free 2016 Monthly Calendar Template inside page
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1 January 2016    Template number 01019

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Comments on: Free 2016 Monthly Calendar Template

Thanks for trying, but sadly, this wasn’t editable as claimed (“easy to change and you can add your own text”)

Posted by GB — 9 Jul @ 2:28 pm

Scout troop annual planning. Great to have this template available.

Posted by Ron — 29 Jul @ 7:32 pm

A great collection. And it’s free. What else can one ask for?—-thanks

Posted by Khalid — 4 Sep @ 10:24 pm

Just made my life 10x easier thanks!

Posted by Hannah — 7 Nov @ 4:52 pm

Revised template just added – just updated the design

Posted by Rachael Boynton — 17 Nov @ 1:51 pm

Need week to start on Sunday.

Posted by mary — 7 Dec @ 9:01 pm

Hi Mary,

thanks to other request we have created this;

Posted by Rachael Boynton — 8 Dec @ 11:31 am

No way to copy paste month data from one month then repost to the next month.

Needs the option of Monday start (no Sunday)

Posted by jd — 30 Dec @ 3:15 am

Thank you for making this available for free as a starting point. And, in may cases this is all you need. Thank you. It should be noted, though, that this is created as a series of rectangles drawn on the page, not a Powerpoint table. So not easy to edit if you need to, for example, resize it to fit your own page layout template, or apply formatting to the entire month at once.

Posted by JDonnell — 25 Jan @ 5:14 pm

thank you so much :)

Posted by aui — 26 May @ 6:31 am

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