Free 2011 Monthly Calendar Template

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Free 2011 Monthly Calendar Template

Here is another addition to our calendar family.  It is a monthly calendar template for 2011. Like all of our templates, it has been done in PowerPoint with a month on each page.

These templates are easy to change and you can add your own text, and colour the individual boxes. You could use one at home on the fridge door to keep the family’s busy schedule together.

Please let us know how you use this calendar and if you have any ideas on how we could change or add to it.

Free 2011 Monthly Calendar Template inside page
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20 December 2010    Template number 00442

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Comments on: Free 2011 Monthly Calendar Template

good and easy to use template

Posted by Piraya — 18 Oct @ 8:35 am

I always appreciate the calendars from Presentation Magazine and the one for 2011 hasn’t disappointed me. It’s a user-friendly, practical template. Thanks again and as always, keep up the brilliant work!

Posted by Stephanie — 26 Oct @ 4:16 pm

Thanks for the 2011 calendar!! Very helpful and appreciated!

Posted by Cat — 17 Nov @ 7:36 pm

I printed off the month to a page template for my 8 year old son who had drawn 12 Pokemon pictures to make a calender. It looks great! Thank-you.

Posted by Pippa Wade — 27 Nov @ 2:01 pm

Need a calendar that begins on Sunday, not Monda

Posted by julie — 3 Dec @ 1:14 am

Great 2011 Calendar. I need it for Power Point.

Can I be able to scroll each month by just using one page as your sample does so easily? I do not wnat 12 pages of slides.

Thank you

Posted by Bill M — 23 Dec @ 6:34 pm

This is a great resource thank you. I use it for bookings with clients with disabilities and nursing homes, for music programs with them and other therapeutic activities.

Posted by Jennifer — 24 Dec @ 1:23 am

Been searching for this for hours, it’s great will definitely come back.

Posted by Sharon — 29 Dec @ 1:12 pm

Making my daughter a calendar with the pictures she took, and making myself one for work.

Posted by Stacy — 29 Dec @ 11:39 pm

Very well presented!

Posted by PETER TEIRE — 1 Jan @ 2:22 pm

How can I use your monthly 2011 calendar templates BUT get each month to start with SUNDAY at the left?

Posted by Charles Marden Fitch — 1 Jan @ 8:39 pm

FABULOUS! I will be using this template to create my Monthly Meal Plan calendar and Exercise Log.

Posted by Carin — 3 Jan @ 8:52 pm

Unfortunately you would have to re-type the days of the week to the order you wished and then work through what date this was in each month.

Posted by rboynton — 5 Jan @ 11:51 am

This is a great free resource, but putting national holidays would be even better!

Posted by LAG — 7 Jan @ 12:47 am

Thank you for this.
I use it to write my work rotas on.

Posted by Mrs — 10 Jan @ 11:13 am

I will use it for our fridge. We put all birthdays and appointments on this calender! Thanks very easy to use!!!!

Posted by Shannon — 12 Jan @ 6:32 pm

This was very Good to use

Posted by Yvonne — 16 Jan @ 4:56 pm

This looks like just what I was looking for for our Boy Scout Adult Leaders meeting.

Posted by John — 27 Jan @ 8:54 pm

I am using it for my personal calendar to keep track of appointments, travel, etc. Like Peter Teire, I would like to find a calendar that begins the week on Sunday, since that is how I am used to seeing them. However, I think I will just get used to the different version.

Posted by Julie — 28 Jan @ 9:31 pm

Thank-you. I am using it to place events for a trust and presenting it to funders.

Posted by Julie — 15 Feb @ 11:22 am

Thank you! I print mine off and use them as a dinner menu calendar on my fridge.

Posted by Flossyourteeth — 16 Feb @ 7:48 pm

Thank you. I will use it as president of a volunteer organization to keep track of my duties and events.

Posted by Amy — 17 Feb @ 3:32 pm

We use this in our office for our On Call rotation & it is perfect!!

Posted by JBauer — 17 Feb @ 4:38 pm

An excellent clean and functional calendar. Used to mark my appointments. Thank you!

Posted by Gurmeet — 1 Mar @ 2:37 am

i want it to organize my work

Posted by omnia — 3 Mar @ 11:41 am

I will be teaching my first graders how to read a calendar. We will project it on the whiteboard and count days, fill in holidays etc.

Posted by Mike — 13 Mar @ 4:10 am

This is just what I was looking for! Do you have a 2012 calendar too?

Posted by rangergold — 28 May @ 10:06 pm

Hi we don’t tend to do new calendars until Decemeber

Posted by rboynton — 1 Jun @ 9:54 am

Thanks so much for these calendar templates. Great to hang on the fridge door and mark activities for everyone to see.

Posted by Helen — 3 Jun @ 10:13 pm

When will your templates be ready for the 2012 monthly calendar be available to download?

Posted by Shirl — 16 Nov @ 4:32 pm

working on it currently, hopefully by the end of November

Posted by rboynton — 17 Nov @ 11:11 am

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