Father of the Bride Speech Template 2 – Fill in the blanks

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Here is the next in our popular series of ‘fill in the blanks speech templates’. This is for a father of the bride speech.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all of you for joining in this celebration with my wife and me. I am sure that you will all agree that it has been a wonderful day, and one that we shall never forget.

Now I believe that it is now my duty to tell you all about the achievements and good deeds that my daughter has done in the past, and for the benefit of the groom’s side of our new family, what a great character and personality that she has.

(T. Bride) was born in (a place) around (X years) ago. Growing up she enjoyed playing with her dolls and making new friends at (A. School). She has always found it easy to make friends, as she is a caring, sweet and outgoing individual.

When (T. Bride) finished her education, she had more qualifications and certificates than she knew what to do with. Always trying to better herself, in work and in her own life, she is doing great in her job, and more obviously in love.

Now being a very attractive young woman, (T. Bride) has had a couple of boyfriends. And I have to say she has been happy with them. But her husband, (H. Usband) knows this. When (T. Bride) met her now husband, (H. Usband), she changed for the better in herself. She became more alive. She was constantly happy and had a radiant glow around her whenever she would think about, or see her husband. From a few weeks into their relationship, her mother and I knew that she had found something good. Like all couples they have had their ups and their downs, but by a hundred to one the ups are in front. I have never seen (T. Bride) as happy as she is today, and I am sure that you will all agree with me as I say that I hope it lasts eternally.

Now her husband, (H. Usband). I first met (H. Usband) X amount of time ago. As I am sure all fathers are, I was protective over my daughter, and thought that nobody was good enough for her. But (H. Usband) soon changed my views on that. Simply by getting to know him a little I knew he was a good man, a hard worker and would take care of my daughter. He also makes her extremely happy and I am sure she makes him as happy in return. After seeing all this, what more can a father ask, than for his daughter to be happy with a great man. And a man I welcome to the family with warmly open arms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a toast. Ladies and Gentlemen, family and friends could you all join me in wishing (T. Bride) and (H. Usband) all the best in their marriage, and may we hope that the love and happiness they share now will be carried on for the rest of their lives. The Bride and Groom.

Thank you.

(T. Bride) = Name of the bride.
(H. Usband) = Name of the husband.

All details can be changed to your own details.


6 August 2012

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Comments on: Father of the Bride Speech Template 2 – Fill in the blanks

Herewith Father’s speech.

Posted by Mpini K — 8 Aug @ 10:41 am

great stuff.thank you. had me in tears.

Posted by m walker — 14 Aug @ 9:58 am

my 19 year old son is giving me away he is a very shy 19 year old and he wants me to make the speech on his behalf, we are very close but i don’t know what to say help

Posted by juj — 9 May @ 5:12 pm

This is one good template for a farther of the bride’s speech. Thanks for sharing this.

Posted by Adam — 11 Sep @ 3:05 pm

I am an emotional guy and reading your sample speech already wets my eyes. Excellent speech guide. I’m sure will find it hard to compose myself as I deliver the finish product.
- Jin Salvatierra from Manila, Philippines

Posted by Jin — 18 Jun @ 12:06 pm

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