Father of The Bride Speech Example 1

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Father of the Bride 2Here is an example of our “fill in the blanks” wedding speeches – Father of the Bride

Every father knows that one day his daughter will find a great man, fly the nest and get married. Every father also wishes his daughter the best of luck in finding the right man, one that will make her happy beyond belief.

And when the time comes when this happens, all the father can do is observe and hope for the best for her.

Today, that is my role.

As a child, __________ was outgoing, strong and loving, something that she has brought into her adult life. But along the way she has picked up many skills, some from working and some from love. But everything she has done has made me the proudest father I know. Always wanting to become better in what she does, and being the generally caring person that she is, makes me unbelievably proud.

When I was giving her away today, I cannot deny I felt a loss. After all, I was giving my daughter away to be married. But when we reached the altar, I felt something else, and for a while I didn't know what it was. But then it dawned on me, that the feeling I was having was joy and happiness that I was giving my daughter away and that she was happy, happier than I have ever seen her.

When I first met her now husband, __________, I instantly knew he was a good man, and would not be the type to mess my daughter around. Over the next few weeks I saw my daughter become happier and more confident in herself, wearing clothes that previously she had thought "made her bum look big", or for other reasons chose not to wear. But __________ changed that. He has brought her out of her shell, let her be herself and not tried to change her to make him happy. After seeing how she was after the first couple of weeks, I hoped for her sake that it wouldn't end, and leave her upset and heartbroken. But deep inside I think I knew that with her, I could trust __________.

My main fear as a parent was my daughter making the wrong decisions in life; marrying for the wrong reasons was one of these. But once I had got to know __________, I couldn't have chosen anybody more suitable. Simply for the way he treats and makes my daughter feel about herself, I cannot thank him enough. So __________, thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would finally like to say a couple of thank you messages. Firstly, to my daughter and her husband, for making me the happiest, proudest father around today. Thank you. Secondly, to all of you for joining us in our celebrations here today; you have all helped make it such a magnificent occasion.

I am sure that I could go on all day thanking everybody, but I won't bore you all now, but I will say it to you when I see you. Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me as I wish the bride and groom all the happiness in the world. The Bride and Groom.


5 August 2012

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Comments on: Father of The Bride Speech Example 1

my daughter will be getting marry soon and as her father i would like some help with my father bride speech, jokes and toast, can you help me?

Posted by laurel o'connor — 5 Feb @ 2:31 pm

I am giving my elder sister away, standing in for my father who died 5 years ago. Any ideas for the structure of the speech?



Posted by Chris Reading — 20 Feb @ 11:16 am

my daughter is getting married soon she is a paramedic he is a firefighter any jokes

Posted by PETE — 23 Feb @ 9:54 pm

I’m also giving my elder sister away, does anybody have any ideas?

Posted by Anonymous — 12 Apr @ 3:27 pm

i am giving my elder sister away in may. i am standing in for my dad because he passed away last november and i need help. thank you

bob hope.

p.s. cheers again if you help me.

Posted by bob hope — 12 Apr @ 4:36 pm

My best mate is getting married in 2 weeks time & her 17 yr old son is giving her away & i`m helping him with his speech any suggestions ?

Posted by maryanne — 16 Apr @ 1:16 pm

my brother who is 18 is giving our mum away in 6 weeks and im trying to help him i need ideas too?

Posted by hayley — 21 Apr @ 4:46 pm

i am giving my sister away in 10weeks time. can anyone help me with afew ice breakin jokes wouldnt mind a dirty one or two!!! thank you

Posted by Mickey — 24 Apr @ 2:16 am

I’m a single mother, who is fullfilling both parent rolls at my daughters up comming wedding, do you have anything that can help me with the toast

Posted by randi — 10 Jul @ 12:54 pm

i am giving my friend away in a weeks time and desperatlly need some help on the speech, as a woman i am stuck on what to say. sadly her father is unable to attend and ive only known her a few years and have never met her family. help! thank you del

Posted by delyth evans — 12 Jul @ 10:29 am

I am giving my daughter away and I would like to start my speech with a joke. Any ideas?

Posted by Tom Jones — 18 Jul @ 6:57 pm

Today I gave my daughter away and all day I have heard the telephone shying with relief

Posted by Bill — 22 Jul @ 10:26 pm

my matron of honours husband is giving me away as my father isnt, he is quite a shy person and we have all been friends for years,any ideas on a simple speech that says everything but packs a punch! pardon the pun! thanks

Posted by kelly — 29 Jul @ 4:45 pm


Posted by patricia — 31 Aug @ 2:57 pm

I’m giving my younger sister away, as i am standing in for my father who passed away last year, any advice on the structure and where to start?

Posted by Ashley — 3 Sep @ 12:22 pm

myDAUGHTER IS GETTING married and her dad will not be attending the wedding but i would like to give alittle speech , have you got any ideas please
carmel mahon

Posted by carmel mahon — 7 Sep @ 10:09 pm

my daughter is getting married tomorrow. i am in desprate need to find a speech for her, i wish i didn’t leave it this long. thanks if you can, antonio.

Posted by Antonio — 13 Sep @ 1:46 pm

my daughter is geting maried this week, would you give me an idea for the speech,thanks

Posted by hans — 17 Sep @ 12:24 pm

my 9 year old grandson is about to ‘give away’ his mum, any ideas?

Posted by judith rushin — 21 Sep @ 4:21 pm

My bet baboon is getting married next month, what should I include in the toast?

Posted by Iva Biggun — 22 Oct @ 9:50 am

This is a good tip for a nice closure of a Father of the Bride speech…a lot depends on the nature of the Father and whether he has the ¨cojones¨…A couple of weeks before the wedding I was listening to some music when a song came up which seemed just perfect- ¨Take Good Care of my Baby…¨ by Bobby Vee…the words just fit the bill…First of all I visualised the two best men and an usher camping it up, completely over the top, miming the first couple of verses a la Three Degrees…but they didn´t have the cojones so I fixed up for the best man, at the words, ¨Take it away Ben….¨ to switch on the song which I, standing next to my Daughter, mimed, and with my arm around her shoulder rocking from side to side to the song, absolutely brought the house down…all I could see was and audience of 120 guests all swinging from side to side singing their hearts out in accompaniment, I sat down with cheers ringing in my ears…You see, you have to pick something which is appropriate to your situation but it´s no good picking something which nobody knows and of course absolute secrecy is the byword,(my Daughter didn´t have a clue either), and practice…practice…practice…Good Luck,,,!

Posted by Bill Collins — 18 Nov @ 11:17 am

do you have anything that can help Daughter didn´t have a clue. I need ideas too? ideas on a simple everything but a punch

Posted by married and her dad will not be — 9 Dec @ 6:24 am

I am a single parent and i need help preparing a speech.My daughter is getting married next week Saturday 14th and i dont know what to do

Posted by Sharon — 7 Mar @ 8:26 pm

im givin my sister away in may cos my dad past away 9 years ago can ne one help

Posted by martin — 12 Mar @ 8:00 pm

very good.Ilike it,but it does’nt help me.

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Mar @ 7:21 am

Because of that speech, I am now willing to propose to the parents of my fiancee for a wedding.thanks.

Posted by Arlo Concha — 20 Mar @ 7:31 am

it really awaken my sleeping heart,when i read this,its because after 5 years my sister getting married to her long time boyfriend so it helps my father to be prepare in his speech for the wedding.thx.godbless.more power to you.

Posted by shena azuelo — 20 Mar @ 7:37 am

i miss u dad everyday i wish u could be there on my wedding day

Posted by Anonymous — 21 Mar @ 3:14 am

my sister has asked me to do a little speech at her weeding next week but aint got a clue were to start..any ideas… i am the oldest bridesmaid and totally stuck.many thanxs.

Posted by sarah — 10 Apr @ 11:27 pm

We all think our daughters are the most lovely in the world (I’m no exception) but as I think mine is so nice I wanted to do something different so I listed many of the events in her life and then puthem to rhyme. I was able to put a few jokes in that also managed to rhyme and everyone enjoyed it. I was well complimented by all especially my daughter for taking so much trouble and being different. Her grattitude is so precious. Try it, my speech in cluded thanks as well and lasted about 9 minutes including a few adlibs at certain points.

Posted by Rory Pritchard — 18 May @ 7:39 pm

I found the example of the ,”Father of the Bride Speech”,to be very helpful in rounding of a speech i have been working on.

Many Thanks
Eddy Hughes

Posted by Edward Hughes — 30 Jul @ 4:28 pm

i’m giving my daughter away ay her wedding in may next year can you give me could you give me any advice for a light hearted speech. thanking you in anticipation. s Green

Posted by shirleygreen45 — 5 Aug @ 1:27 am

I was recently at a wedding and the best man announce during the receprtion that since (Mike) was now married to have all the ladies please return the keys to his apt…15-20 ladies came up one by one to the head table and dropped off the keys…. the bride was awww and when all the ladies had handed their keys in — then best man announce that it was a joke…… i truly almost peeed in dress from laughing…….

Posted by Nydia — 15 Aug @ 7:12 pm

A great example of a very touching speech. I have been to many weddings where the Father of the bride has put himself under too much pressure to “bring the house down” and littered their speech with jokes and one-liners.

The main message of the speech becomes lost; your toast allows you to share with the guests how proud you are of your daughter and how happy you are for the couple on their wedding.

Posted by WeddingSpeechSuccess — 18 Aug @ 6:47 am

This is one of the best father of the bride speeches that I have read online. And this would definitely work out in the public. Probably it did! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Adam — 10 Sep @ 3:07 pm

wish you all the best, hope you enjoy your life.

Posted by yup' — 30 Sep @ 9:27 am

i am giving my elder sister away in may. i am standing in for my dad because he passed away last november and i need help. thank you

Posted by k wilson — 10 Oct @ 10:29 pm

what you should do is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by luke — 29 Nov @ 6:08 pm

This is an interesting resource

Posted by Michel H — 7 Mar @ 3:08 pm

A good friend of mine passed away and his daughter has asked me to give her away. I have no idea how to start,can anyone help.

Posted by Jimmy — 13 Mar @ 12:02 pm

Some great tips and advice. Very encouraging! Thanks for the author.

Posted by manith maen — 21 Mar @ 1:40 pm

i am giving my daughter away but that speech made me more trust worthily in…………….. her husband

Posted by bob — 16 May @ 2:27 am

I am giving my mother away am the eldest daughter and am not sure what to say in my speech can anyone help.

Posted by Midwest — 19 Jun @ 9:12 am

i have been asked to give my sister away in 2 montire time,i was going to say how proud i was for the houour of her asking me to stand in for our dad who sadly no longer with us.
on a lighter note he be quite happy that he did not have to pay,he being a true yorkshire man short arms and long pockets,i also like to mention our late mam who would have loved this special day.
so i would just like to thank ””’ for taking her of our hands
I would like to thank the beautifull bridesmaids for making this day special and would like you raise your glassess ,then say the bride and groom

Posted by andrew readman — 17 Jul @ 7:48 pm

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