Editable Olden Times Newspaper

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Editable Olden Times Newspaper

Adding to our popular newspaper collection, we have the editable olden times newspaper.

As an expansion of the most popular template on the site, the Editable PowerPoint Newspaper, we have had many requests for a more detailed version of the Olden Times slide. We listened, and here it is!

Editable Olden Times Newspaper inside page
inside thumbnail inside thumbnail


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7 May 2012    Template number 00532

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Comments on: Editable Olden Times Newspaper

am using this for a 76 year bday gift idea

Posted by tredd morris — 7 May @ 11:32 pm

Nearly perfect. Everything can be changed EXCEPT there’s this “no.” field with a random number on it that cannot be changed. It’d be nice if it could be editable so that it could be used for something like a date.

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Jun @ 6:21 pm

Hi the “no” field is issue number, you can change the date on the right hand side (of the second slide) the title can also be changed on the 2nd slide but the original front page has been designed as an image and cannot be altered

Posted by rboynton — 18 Jun @ 10:30 am

I need this template for a school homework

Posted by Ana Lucia — 5 Aug @ 4:38 pm


Posted by ANA — 3 Sep @ 7:53 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 23 Oct @ 2:50 am

Need for homework

Posted by Anom — 29 Oct @ 7:24 pm

I ned this template for history assignment

Posted by arjun — 2 Nov @ 2:28 pm

Great, thank you so much! Worked perfectly for a school project!

Posted by Anom — 10 Nov @ 2:00 am

Thank you. I am writing a ‘Murder Mystery’ for our family to use on Christmas Day. The newspaper will be a prop about the characters.
giving clues

Posted by M Hutson — 6 Dec @ 1:06 pm

im using the newspaper as a marketing tool for letter box drops.

Posted by mono — 9 Jan @ 11:10 pm

I downloaded this template and it doesn’t look anything like the pictures here with headlines, insert pictures,and title in short it just looks like an old paper with no design at all is it really supossed to look that way I really need this kind of template for a school project so can anyone help me??

Posted by anonymous — 12 Jan @ 9:03 pm

Hi I just found out why so no need to answer my long question and thanks love your template :)

Posted by anonymous — 12 Jan @ 9:08 pm

it’s awesome! Great to use in classroom
Students will love it ! Thanks

Posted by Cathy — 27 Jan @ 1:46 am

This version isnt editible. I am very dissapointed with this slide. I needed this for a school project and becuase i couldn’t edit the title i failed.

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Aug @ 1:47 am

It’s amazing , thank you so much .

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Oct @ 2:25 pm

thank you so much i was able to finish my project in time thanks to you guys

Posted by elizabeth — 12 Dec @ 8:02 pm

would you be able to make these available for editing in something other than power point?

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Jan @ 6:10 pm

I am wanting to use this for a background for a paper I will write in history class.

Posted by Sonya J. — 10 Apr @ 6:57 am

Just what I was looking for!Thank You!

Posted by Linda — 4 Oct @ 9:20 pm

is there a way that I can use this on google drive

Posted by Adut Deng — 30 Nov @ 12:19 am

I plan to use this as an in-game newsletter for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign!

Posted by Dave M — 30 Dec @ 6:29 pm

i need this tempelate for my english holiday assignment. this is very useful for me.

Posted by gokula krishnan — 28 Apr @ 10:28 am

This will be great for a presentation about historic Gold Hill, NC! Thanks

Posted by Janet Callahan — 25 Jun @ 10:32 pm

It looks great, but I can’t actually edit it, therefore it’s totally useless to me.

Posted by Arty — 13 Feb @ 10:08 pm

what are you having problems editing?

Posted by Rachael Boynton — 18 Feb @ 2:55 pm

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