Editable old newspaper template

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Editable old newspaper template

We have just added to our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers with this Old Times newspaper design. With these you can create your own news headlines, articles and insert your own pictures.

This spoof newspaper template could have many uses, including college and school projects and fun cards to send news to your friends and family. You could make a nice news magazine using the template or create an old-style “Wanted” poster with reward.

Editable old newspaper template inside page
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24 January 2011    Template number 00567

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Comments on: Editable old newspaper template

Thanks sooo much!

Posted by Ace — 25 Jan @ 8:59 pm

Cool ! That’s what I looking for, Thank you

Posted by Tom — 28 Jan @ 3:43 am

Good stuff! Thanks

Posted by Pete — 28 Jan @ 8:39 am

Wicked – Great template, thanks heaps

Posted by Andy — 29 Jan @ 6:10 am

WOAH! Thanks so much :) :) :)

Posted by Alice — 2 Feb @ 11:11 pm

hey i was wondering if you have microsoft word format for that?

Posted by ana — 3 Feb @ 12:40 am

i cant even use it !

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Feb @ 5:27 am

What problem do you seem to be having? I have tried the template on my computer and it works fine. You need to click the download button, save it to your computer and them be able to edit the text and picture within the newspaper.

Posted by rboynton — 3 Feb @ 11:08 am

Unfortunately we only do our templates in PowerPoint. However it may be something we look into in the future, thanks for the suggestion

Posted by rboynton — 3 Feb @ 11:40 am

Thanks for the tips…! Have seen a lot of discussion on presentations going on online.

Posted by Presentation Templates — 4 Feb @ 6:54 pm


Posted by ET — 7 Feb @ 5:28 am

Thank you soo much! I needed this.

Posted by Arulfis — 20 Feb @ 3:57 pm

Nice~ :)

Posted by Kat — 23 Feb @ 2:40 pm

This is phenomenal. I was looking for precisely this template! I work in a call center, and am putting together a weekly newsletter for my team to help motivate, and show case talent! This is superb!! I created the newsleter, and saved it as a pdf file, to make it easier to email all the team mates!

Posted by Casey Clark — 25 Feb @ 8:34 pm


Seriously cool. I’m 12 in Year 8 at school, and ALL of my friends use this site. LOL

=) Thanks so muchh!!

Posted by Ellie — 28 Feb @ 3:53 am

wow i am 9 but it realy helped me out for my english home work cool 5 star

Posted by some one — 7 Mar @ 5:19 pm

Was looking for an original idea for my Dad’s 80th birthday party invitation. Think I can come up with some startling headlines for him!

Posted by Tagkeeper — 8 Mar @ 8:50 pm


Posted by Julian — 21 Mar @ 12:03 pm

I´m new downloading templates, I would love to know if there´s a way to save them as integrate themes, cause I have open the file and its like just a normal ppt file, as well have save them as thmx and pot, but it shows it as only one template the first one and not the complete set.

thanks in advance

Posted by Dragon — 30 Mar @ 8:36 pm

Thanks! It’s awesome!

Posted by vincent — 4 Apr @ 8:32 am

thank you soo muchh this is PERFECT :)

Posted by 123smiley — 28 Apr @ 6:20 pm

Thank You So Much! This was just what i needed for my school homework — write a newspaper review of the black death — and i’v been looking for more than an hour for something! So Thank you and Well Done!!

Posted by Georgia — 17 May @ 8:26 pm

thank it was very helpful, i’m using it for teaching it makes the class more interesting

Posted by igie mahardika — 23 May @ 10:00 am


Posted by ok — 30 May @ 4:24 pm

Thanks really helped:)

Posted by Bobz:) — 31 May @ 11:07 am

WOW this is an amazing powerpoint
this has really helped me with my history homework
all my friends use this website thanks

Posted by lydia — 12 Jun @ 5:20 pm

Forgive my inexperience, but I’ve already built quite a lengthy Powerpoint presentation using original themes. Now I want to use “The Old Post”. How do I do that?

Posted by Jeff — 27 Jun @ 8:59 pm

it really helped me

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Aug @ 2:44 pm

Thanks this really helped me with my history homework!!!! You’ve saved me from detention! :)

Posted by P.R.W — 8 Nov @ 10:01 pm

can I use this with a mac? It doesn’t want to download

Posted by me — 6 Dec @ 12:27 am

Hi, this works just fine for ANY version of PowerPoint, including Office for Mac 2004 and later.

Posted by rboynton — 6 Dec @ 2:40 pm

this is awesome

Posted by dave — 15 Dec @ 12:25 am

this is just what I was looking for! thank you so much!:)

Posted by wow — 19 Dec @ 4:20 pm

Thank you so much! Just what I was looking for. I’ll be using it for a reminders slide thing in my volunteer work. :)

Posted by Andee — 6 Jan @ 4:34 am

Thanks for sharing, they’re really useful!!!

Posted by noemi — 31 Jan @ 8:21 pm

Wait, can you print these out?

Posted by Stephanie — 11 Feb @ 10:32 pm

Yes you can, just as you would with a normal powerpoint

Posted by rboynton — 13 Feb @ 11:39 am

Hi there would you mind if I used this for a commercial blog?

Posted by CMD — 17 Feb @ 5:47 am


Please feel free to use the template for your blog but please just adhere to our guidelines i.e. please credit us for the work and do not pass it off as your own and you also cannot Resell or distribute these templates, Put these templates on a website for download. Hope this helps!

Posted by rboynton — 17 Feb @ 11:12 am

how do you convert the editable newspaper onto Microsoft word or Quick word?

Posted by Mia — 4 Mar @ 5:28 pm

Hi Currently the templates are just available as PowerPoint, however we are looking to offer them in alternative formats in the future

Posted by rboynton — 5 Mar @ 2:52 pm


Posted by taylor — 5 Mar @ 10:59 pm

hi you need to click on the dowload blue button and save the template to your computer before being able to open it up and make changes to the design and add in your own text and pictures.

Posted by rboynton — 6 Mar @ 3:47 pm

this is for the best class we love you

Posted by jaia — 9 Mar @ 5:24 pm

thank you this is exactly what I need for my school project

Posted by Austin — 15 Mar @ 12:19 am

Very good I liked the format and templae very nice!!

Posted by Tiarn — 20 Mar @ 12:59 am

thanks! just what i was looking for to use for someone’s retirement send-off!

Posted by sue — 25 Mar @ 4:23 am

:( Doesn’t work on MAC’s…

Posted by becca — 8 May @ 3:11 pm

thanks this helped

Posted by Jason v — 10 May @ 10:31 pm

thanks sooo much!

Posted by eli — 13 Jun @ 11:38 am

this was good for my social studies project :D

Posted by Sarah — 14 Jun @ 1:22 am

There’s one problem with this template. Everything can be changed on it EXCEPT the name of the paper!!

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Jun @ 6:19 pm

Wish I could use these, but thanks to Micro$oft’s policy of making you pay twice for a single copy of software, I can’t access Powerpoint or Word, only Works.

Posted by Sheogorath — 19 Jul @ 12:22 am

thanks! just what i need for a project proposal :D

Posted by SaysrOx — 26 Aug @ 2:20 pm


Posted by jiji — 22 Oct @ 2:21 am

This is super helpful! Now my presentation really looks like an authentic newspaper from back then! Thank you so much! :D

Posted by Lola Moon — 30 Oct @ 10:05 pm

cool just what i needed

Posted by blobbb — 8 Dec @ 1:17 pm

Awesome, thank you!

Posted by Stephanie — 19 Feb @ 4:42 pm

Super…thank you!!!

Posted by monique — 20 Feb @ 2:10 pm

This doesnt work on word
I only have word and excel
can you transfer it onto word please

Posted by Abigail! — 3 Mar @ 9:35 am

be good if it worked…

Posted by kalani — 11 Mar @ 2:22 am


Posted by joshmut — 29 Mar @ 10:58 am


Posted by HENRY — 8 Apr @ 10:41 pm

Great template, thanks. I would also like to see this on word. And could you consider making the newspaper name editable as well?

Posted by Freddie — 12 Apr @ 1:13 pm

THANK-YOU!!!! Exactly what I need for my SOSE assignment!!!

Posted by Sarah — 28 Apr @ 4:26 am

Wow! Thank you so much for this website!! It has helped with so many of my projects, especially with my William Shakespeare project!!

Posted by Montana Bieber — 19 May @ 2:57 pm

I have Powerpoint on my iMac desktop computer. Will this template work on my computer?

Posted by Daisy — 29 May @ 2:00 am

This was perfect for my history project! It made the presentation in my work awesome!

Posted by Serena — 15 Jun @ 8:47 am

This is great , it helped with my presentation a lot,brilliant idea !!

Posted by emilia — 21 Jun @ 1:57 pm

I have a laptop PC with windows 8 & powerpoint 2010. When I try to open it with powerpoint it says its not valid :(( can you please tell me what I can do?
Thanks so much

Posted by Kate — 15 Aug @ 12:37 pm

Thanks, it’s brill. I’m teaching my class about writing news reports based on The Iron Man. They will love this.

Posted by Rach — 26 Sep @ 9:50 pm

Great work. Is it possible to change the title? I get an alert that it can only be changed on the master slide, but editing the master slide doesn’t appear to be the answer. I am using Keynote.

Posted by Greg — 28 Sep @ 7:50 pm

incredible! Original! You’re genious!

Posted by Anna — 23 Oct @ 11:59 am

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ddd — 3 Nov @ 5:19 am

Thank you so much you are a life saver this is amazing!!!!

Posted by Tayla — 23 Nov @ 2:10 am

Thank you so much. I really wanted to create something like this as a periodical for my church, and I thought i had to create from scratch. Thanks for making it free and in such good quality. You are life saver! :)

Posted by Lynda — 26 Nov @ 4:50 pm

I dont understand why I cant change the name of the “newspaper” … Can someone tell me how to do it please? I need to change it for a class project.

Posted by Jessica — 27 Nov @ 1:57 am

Use freeware OpenOffice to replace microsoft product.

What the name of the Font used for the title in the template?

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Dec @ 3:44 pm

Hi I would like to use this to print a little booklet for my wedding. But as this is landscape I am not sure this will work. Has anyone used this to print documents before? Or know hoe to get it in portrait? many Thanks

Posted by Amy — 11 Jan @ 1:58 pm

Thanks, it will assist me in the development of my PPS in relation to a unit on the feudal system I have to teach Year 8 students

Posted by Mark — 14 Jan @ 7:34 am

Gonna use it for a presentation about history
seems suiting to me

Posted by Mary — 21 Jan @ 1:11 pm

Hi, just used this template to celebrate our 30,000th Facebook fan! Thanks for the template.

Posted by Wiebe — 6 Feb @ 6:47 pm

Headlines are a great way to hit a point… HARD! Terrific. Thank you.

Posted by Starr L — 10 Feb @ 6:10 pm

im gonna create a retro wedding poster

Posted by dash kgosieng — 1 Mar @ 9:20 pm

I am using it in a PowerPoint for Church to announce that Christ Is Coming!

Thank you for making this available!

Posted by Brenda — 30 Mar @ 3:28 am

what is the font of “the old post”? thanks! :)

Posted by sheng — 30 Apr @ 1:49 am

I use it to make an invitation for a family-trip.
Nice work! Thank you!

Posted by Jeffersonunited — 5 Aug @ 4:05 pm

Freakin’ CRAZY………..i love these templates.
i use them as pranks for my friends..WOW!!!!
great!!!! a must try thing……lol

Posted by amanda — 9 Aug @ 9:32 am

cool! as a wedding card e-vite

Posted by inaya — 10 Sep @ 9:55 am

Can you make it so we can download it for Microsoft word maybe? I really need this in a word template for a thing I have to do… Please!

Posted by David — 24 Sep @ 10:33 pm

Is there a word file?

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Oct @ 5:52 pm

Great to use and really cool. thanks they are great

Posted by James — 19 Oct @ 11:14 am

I downloaded the file to my computer, but I do not know how to edit it. Please help. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Nov @ 12:33 am

I am going to use this template for a College Literature class for a story we read.

Posted by Ron Valdez — 29 Nov @ 7:08 pm

This was a great help with my daughters last minute history homework project on the industrial revolution.

Posted by Mucho Bueno — 5 Dec @ 12:02 am

i wish it will work

Posted by bruno — 8 Feb @ 12:42 pm

Amazing <3 I really love it, great to use. It helps me a lots with my history homework project.

Posted by Xuan Hoa Tran — 25 Feb @ 3:12 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 1 Mar @ 10:04 pm

It is amazing!!!!!! The teacher said that I had a really good template and gave me extra points! Thank You!! (=

Posted by Charles — 16 Mar @ 9:44 pm

My 8th grader had to create a mock 1779 newspaper for a Language Arts assignment. The finished product looked so good, the teacher asked for an extra copy she could keep.

Posted by Adele — 20 Mar @ 8:16 pm

I am an educator who loves to use quirky PPT presentations. My students enjoy a break from the mundane! Thank you for your product…it is fantastic.

Posted by Christian Mann — 14 Apr @ 6:55 pm

Best PPT template ever! So gorgeous and easy to use. You’re awesome. THANK YOU. :-)

Posted by Sandra — 21 Apr @ 6:19 am

Use it to start all classes to discuss news items of the day….generates a great response from students. Thanks so much.

Posted by Frank — 14 May @ 4:07 pm

This is an awesome template, would do good for any history projects I have upcoming, Keep up the good work.

Posted by Alexander — 14 May @ 9:26 pm

Thanks so much very nice

Posted by Ross — 18 Jun @ 2:42 pm

wonderful. thanks

Posted by jennifer gilmour — 2 Aug @ 10:33 am

Thank You!

Posted by Dmitry — 30 Sep @ 11:37 pm

So helpful for my school projects. Thanks!

Posted by John Sham — 11 Oct @ 3:57 pm

thanks i used it for homework

Posted by titus — 1 Dec @ 4:03 am

I am making a school project but I need to change the title how do I do that?

Posted by Ana — 16 Dec @ 7:47 am

I’m just turned 13 and am in year 8. This website is PERFECT. It helps me lots.

Posted by Alysha — 13 Feb @ 6:48 am

Thank you so much, this was fabulous, just what I needed. Although, as someone has already commented, you cannot change the name of the paper!

Posted by rainbowskeletons — 20 Feb @ 4:59 am

it helps me alot thanks :)

Posted by bokyoung — 4 Mar @ 6:53 pm

What font is the title old post written in?

Posted by Shelly — 2 Apr @ 5:21 pm

Hi Shelly,

sorry it was done by an outside designer who just sent through the image so we don’t know!

Posted by Rachael Boynton — 4 Apr @ 12:13 pm

It is so gorgeous!! Thanks for uploading:)

Posted by Sun — 6 Apr @ 4:38 pm

OMG I really needed a template on word!! But that’s ok I just made my own it’s really easy. Took me like 20 mins tops. Thanks tho. Just please add word templates for newspaper… templates.

Posted by Anonymous — 6 May @ 9:27 pm

it really helps me!!!:):)

Posted by Chantelle — 20 May @ 8:13 am

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