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Views - 14,413

9 August 2010

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Comments on: Contact Presentation Magazine

Thanks so very very much…daughter used newspaper template for school assignement….Thanks and very easy to use….please continue great work and to build more templates that students may use for their classwork!

Posted by Dan — 18 Aug @ 2:18 am

I am a product executive, where i find your presentation templates very much useful for me in my in-house presentationworks. I thank u a lot for having you.

Posted by Vinu — 3 Sep @ 9:13 am


Posted by Jeanine — 14 May @ 7:45 am

Templates are fantastic for school assignments!

Posted by Gabi — 25 Jun @ 12:14 am

i am very glad to find yr sign gallery
could i use the signs for a video art?
best greetings

Posted by geffen — 15 Aug @ 8:37 pm

I’m writing this ’cause I’m using one of your presentation (heartbeat) and I’d like to tell you that is very nice!
PS since I’m here, I maybe ask you a couple of things: Could I change the background color from green to blu? How can the heartbeat design go automatically when I show the slide instead of clicking?

Posted by Gigi — 3 Oct @ 1:58 pm

We would like to be on your email list, to receive newsletters and free coupons.

Posted by walter wigo — 26 Feb @ 6:42 am

Thank You soo much for the templates!!!!

Posted by HM — 11 Mar @ 12:10 am

All of the links to the OpenOffice Impress templates are broken. Are these templates no longer available? Please advise.

Posted by Richard Barker — 8 Oct @ 9:13 pm


How often are maps updated? I see Sudan/South Sudan still shown as combined on both the northern Africa and World downloads (.ppt files).

As of 20 MAR 2014

Thank You.

Posted by George — 20 Mar @ 8:53 pm

Hello there…

Whoever is involved in creating such animations, templates.. etc and helping people..
I am here to say i am thankful and grateful to you

Posted by Senthil Kumar — 2 Jun @ 8:06 pm

Hi just a short note to thank you for the world cup 2014 shirt presentation I used the shirts and a world map as an activity to motivate young boys to learn their geography


Posted by Greg — 25 Aug @ 9:48 am

Great templates, thanks for sharing

Posted by Sharon Tenholder — 18 Aug @ 3:04 pm

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