Christmas Holly Template

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Christmas Holly Template

Christmas holly is the theme of this Christmas template design.

Christmas Holly Template inside page
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24 November 2015    Template number 00560

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Comments on: Christmas Holly Template

feliz navidad

Posted by oscar almanza — 5 Dec @ 10:06 pm

How I can download this christmas bower point without showing the text
(christmas title)

Posted by GiGi — 10 Dec @ 8:46 pm

Just edit the text in powerpoint

Posted by jonathanball — 11 Dec @ 11:21 am

Thank you so much for being lots of help. I got images for my church praise and worship service without paying. Thank you. God bless you!

Posted by Anonymous — 19 Dec @ 8:26 pm

Don’t you have any other christmas templates better than these?

Posted by justine acala — 7 Jan @ 9:41 am


the cool

Posted by areeyo — 8 Dec @ 9:43 am

using it for Christmas fete posters – thanks

Posted by amanda — 28 Oct @ 12:43 pm

Thanks for the Christmas slide. We will use it for our powerpoint slides in December to advertise activities here at our church.

Posted by Anonymous — 25 Nov @ 9:46 pm

beautiful and simple!

Posted by jdluck — 28 Nov @ 9:27 pm

Thanks for these templates. I am using them for a song service at church.

Posted by Sandy W. — 2 Dec @ 12:39 am

For a Christmas Carol Sing

Posted by patsy — 4 Dec @ 3:54 pm


Posted by kl — 10 Dec @ 5:38 pm

I use it for our end-of-the-year business meeting.

Posted by Doris — 15 Dec @ 5:28 pm

Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents! I will be using this template for our company Christmas potluck. They are fantastic!

Posted by Erica — 17 Dec @ 5:11 pm

for sermon

Posted by Juliana — 19 Dec @ 4:36 pm

Thanks for this free templates I love the designs perfect for my church songs.

Posted by Wilfredo — 23 Dec @ 1:38 am

Thanks for sharing your template. I’ll use it as an e-card.

Posted by Jo — 24 Dec @ 3:53 am

Thanks for the template – I am using for a retrospective picture loop of 2010.

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Nov @ 12:31 am

Thank you for sharing your talents. I will be using it as an e-card background.

Posted by Raewyn — 3 Dec @ 2:27 am

Many blessings to you for sharing your talents and templates. I have downloaded several. They will be perfect for use as backgrounds in our projected songs at church.

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Dec @ 5:29 am

I will use this template for a power point presentation for my church. Each year we have a one day celebration to honor our Pastor and First Lady for Christmas. This is the first year that we have had an overhead projector and your background slides added a lovely touch to the Christmas wishes that some church members wrote to our Pastor. Thanks again!

Posted by Snoootty — 6 Dec @ 1:40 am

Thank you for giving me a way to brighten up a Year 9 lesson.

Posted by Sue — 11 Dec @ 4:03 pm

Thank you for the templates, however, I can’t see the fist slide, not sure why

Posted by Rebecca — 12 Dec @ 4:10 pm

Template has now been fixed with all the correct slides including the front page

Posted by rboynton — 13 Dec @ 3:02 pm

Will use it for a Christmas Trivia contest at my Toastmaster’s Christmas meeting

Posted by Graham — 3 Nov @ 3:39 am

Great website and templates! Will be using for a company annual holiday meeting.

Posted by Laura Bell — 3 Dec @ 11:10 pm

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