Metallic Background - Presentation Magazine

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Metallic Background - Presentation Magazine

A simple but effective presentation with a metallic silver background. It enables you to add your own graphics on top.

We have also produced another version showing an Ethernet cable. Could be used for a presentation on metals, Metallurgy, aluminium, steel, sliver, fabrication or car making.

Metallic Background - Presentation Magazine inside page
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1 October 2006    Template number 00088

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Comments on: Metallic Background

The Simplest is the best!

Posted by Victochu — 30 Dec @ 6:22 pm

this is just what i wanted, thankyou

Posted by Dannii — 28 Oct @ 11:48 pm

Looks simple and nice. Thank you…

Posted by MGA — 12 Feb @ 5:53 pm

very classy…thaku so much!

Posted by teddy — 14 Mar @ 7:44 pm

simple and FANTASTIC!!!

will be a favorite of mine!!


Posted by Anonymous — 24 May @ 7:18 am

Very inviting!

Posted by GTW — 29 Jun @ 8:12 pm

simple and nice!!

Posted by chang — 15 Sep @ 6:38 am

This is very good I’d say.. Thank you very much for sharing it to us..

Posted by Magro — 6 Oct @ 1:24 pm

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! It is great!!!

Posted by VICTORIA — 6 Nov @ 6:37 pm

Looking for something plain but slick to impress a potential employer.
Talking about what we can do for them if they hire us, so it’s a great background that doesn’t detract from the message with too many lines & shapes.

Posted by R Magro — 23 Nov @ 9:05 am

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