Bridge PowerPoint Template

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Bridge PowerPoint Template

Here is a nice presentation template. It is suitable for use in a presentation about suspension bridges, construction projects, road or transport projects.

It would also be suitable for a project where you want to use the bridge as a visual metaphor to bring together two communities, like during a company merger or acquisition, for example.

The template is based on a photo taken by our editor Jonty Pearce of the first Severn bridge in Wales. A bridge is sometimes also known as a viaduct or an overpass.

Bridge PowerPoint Template inside page
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Views - 18,762

17 November 2014    Template number 00424

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Comments on: Bridge PowerPoint Template


Posted by B R Hanani — 9 Sep @ 3:53 am

thanks for all the inputs

Posted by srinath — 23 Sep @ 10:59 am

Thanks a million for you help.

Posted by merry — 25 Sep @ 11:35 am

very good slide…

Posted by neff — 9 Oct @ 3:40 am


Posted by elika — 7 Nov @ 6:12 pm

That’s good thanks .Pleas update emotional templates.

Posted by Mahmood — 7 Nov @ 7:09 pm


Posted by parksojung — 16 Nov @ 4:36 am

thanks, it really helps me a lot!

Posted by samuel — 4 Dec @ 5:18 pm

Thank you

Posted by chocolate — 6 Dec @ 4:41 pm

Thanks for an excellent presentation design to use for our ESL class for construction workers!

Posted by Rand E — 9 Jan @ 5:49 pm

Excellent creative design. This spark to some other possibilities. Billion thanks.

Posted by Bopaget — 10 Jan @ 4:47 am

nice presentation design. thanks!

Posted by kcm — 13 Jan @ 6:15 am

Thanks, is very good for my presentation for the first part of my doctoral thesis.

Posted by Ghristiana — 11 Mar @ 10:43 am


Posted by lizi — 3 Apr @ 9:23 am

Thks – Beautiful

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Apr @ 5:15 pm

Very serene effect – i actually used it for a banking and finance workshop.

Posted by salma — 10 Apr @ 4:20 pm

This was my first click on google search for template related to bridge.
I am very much satisfied and happy to get this.

Posted by Gaurang Vakil — 22 Apr @ 8:34 pm

thank you for your views
this helps me to think a lot to work the best in my project

Posted by pratik — 6 May @ 7:01 am

It’s help my project so good.

Posted by orn — 12 Aug @ 9:30 am

Excellent. Thank you.

Posted by Nora — 9 Oct @ 4:16 pm

Thank you. Great photo.

Posted by Yvonne — 21 Jan @ 3:41 pm

Perfect for my paper on history of bridges

Posted by Jim — 3 Mar @ 2:39 am

i would like to say “BIG THANKS” to this wonderful templates…..

Posted by Noel — 24 Jun @ 1:24 pm

i do love your templates

Posted by Joseph — 24 Jun @ 1:25 pm


Posted by masonta suprise — 24 Jul @ 2:32 pm

thank you

Posted by a — 15 Feb @ 4:20 am

It will be used in a presentation representing the merge of two professional carrers

Posted by Nancy — 15 Mar @ 2:24 pm

The color scheme is very pleasing and professional.I am doing a training for students entering workforce – a Bridge

Posted by hariharan — 5 Jun @ 3:41 pm

I am doing a training for students entering workforce – a Bridge

Posted by hariharan — 5 Jun @ 3:42 pm

do u have template on oresund bridge ??
i really need it..

Posted by kainbatikpink — 27 Nov @ 5:56 pm

God Job…..

Posted by JR Abraham — 23 Apr @ 6:49 pm


Posted by shah jaymin — 30 Jan @ 12:48 pm

Lots of thanks for such a wonderful free service.

Posted by Fatemian — 2 Mar @ 6:00 am

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